Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I just fired up the new barbie

And no, I didn't put Gord's butt in it!

We are having us some grilled pork chops, mac and cheese (homemade) and broccoli and cawwots. I am trying to get all the new grill smell off it right now, so when the time comes to put on the unbelievably huge pork chops I bought on Sunday, while I was high on fermented apples, on the grill. I was picking up apples yesterday... what a dirty job. Our apple tree is old and the apples only grow on top...which is about 30 feet high. You don't want to be standing under it with any wind happening. Shot to the head, and you are dead. So, we have to let them fall. They aren't much good for eating anymore. They used to be the size of a regular apple you bought at a store, but I guess I didn't prune them the way they should have been pruned. Okay, I never pruned them...shut up.

Spent my first day of holidays...doing bookwork for Gord...I know... but it had to get done and I never have the time. Now I can relax...but....there is a ton of stuff in the house begging for my attention. Tomorrow will be the day to get that out of the way...and then I will find more shit to tackle...oy...so it goes.

I should be hearing from Kat tomorrow for the "meet up".... got my twitter all set up if youse guys want a blow by blow.

I'm getting all nervous...not about meeting her, because we have talked on the phone alot, but about what to make for supper.....damit. I decided on Lasagna, because it is easy and I'm on holiday and I don't want to cook. So that is where I'm heading. Also, I will have lots of drinks and nibbles beforehand. And if she gets to be a pain in the ass, I'll put her in the crematorium.....I think Gord and I could take her.


Brenda said...

Heck, let Gord grill some burgers and dogs. Give that sweet girl a big hug for me!

Mary Lou said...

shit Joan, I think I would just let her make dinner, she is such a great cook!!!

YankeeChick said...

Hope you have/had a marvelous time!!

Donna said...

Gads girl, you are hysterical!!.....gord & I could take her................geez.......Hahahahahahahaaaa.....hughugs