Sunday, August 03, 2008

Look what we built today

Our own personal cremitorium. Gord calls it a barbecue, but I am sure when one of us goes there will be enough room to shove one of our fat butts in there and do it for a minimal fee.

I bought the "Webber" (that he took back to the store) which would have served us well, but you know men!!! they always seem to want to take it up a notch. What in the hell am I going to do with this!! His reasoning is that the small lid on the right hand side is only for two people, and if 100 people show up for some unknown reason....we have the left side to accommodate them. (nobody does that). It has so many bells and whistles I will never figure out how to turn the bastard on.
You know, he is starting to get on my last nerve. It's getting closer and closer to a stand off in the OKay corral?...I don't know where that came from..heh. Years ago, I just bought etc. and there was not for some reason he thinks he has input. I just don't get it.
I am on holiday for the week...lordy knows I need some downtime just for me at home.
I talked to Special K today!! She is in town. We will meet at my house either on Wednesday or Thursday (she will let me know)......There will be a lot of shit going down on my back deck that day. I'm going to start up the crematorium and grill her a good meal, I don't know whose ass we will cook, but it won't be mine...heh..mine is wayyy to skinny. Gordy's is pretty plump, so he might want to hide in the closet.
It should be fun, I'm just hoping the weather will cooperate while we and laugh our asses off.
Of course, I will have my lap top on the deck and we will give you a blow by blow description of the events. Special K and me...on holidays at the same's going to be scary.


Brenda said...

Oh Lordy, two of the funniest and best ladies in the world, together, on the same deck, with a grill, this will me a memorable event. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Andie Pandie said...

You know, that would be a perfect time to dust off your Twitter account and keep us posted on the goings-on. Some of us could even join you for some wine and snackies. ;)

Donna said...

LOLHahahahahahaha......GOOD FOR YOU!!! Grilling!! You'll love it!!! Have Fun Mix Joan!!!hughugs

Joan said...

Andie...I didn't think of that...all my twitter passwords and shit are at work....I will get a new one...thanks for the idea!!

The last one unable to type a sentence will be the loser.

Brenda ...stop in for the twitter.. I will set up a new account for at home .

Mary Lou said...

what is a twitter? Im lost. But you two have loads of fun and make sure you keep Baloney under control. WOuldnt want her to teach Kat any bad habits!!

AndiePandie said...

You won't need a new account, you can Twitter from anywhere. You'll just have to log in from home. It can retrieve your password for you and since I follow you, I can send you the page info.

Mary Lou, Twitter ( is this little program where people write short updates about their day. It's cute!