Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's a peaceful Sunday evening out on the deck

But of course I will have to bitch about something. The neighbours are making ribs on the barbeque, and holy hell they smell devine. I just yelled at them to quit it! The guy with the sander a street over has been gearing that sucker up all day, and lucky for him, it was too hot to be outside, or I would have got into my SUV, and slowly but dilibertaly drove out of my cul de sac comfort zone, hung a left at the corner, and drove to where the screaching was coming from. And decked the bastard. This has been going on for two Sundays in a row...fortheloveofmr.bean. Just as I was about to track this jack ass down, the noise stopped....I'm hoping his next door neighbour shot him. Well, fuck..........I just wrote that........guess what...seriously I shit you not...he started up's 8:00 PM. Well, I might have to back off, because I have had a glass or two of wine..but I intend to thow some verbal abuse at him if he keeps it up. Not that he can hear me, and because he is probably doing something evil. I will have to ask the neighbours over on that side if they have seen his wife lately. There is something funny going on:)

He stopped the other neighbour and his wife are having issues. There is a lot of clapping going on. And some thumping ....doesn't sound good. No, it's okay, they are just happy to be eating ribs tonight. They took it inside. Jeez...I'd be jumping around too if we were having ribs tonight.

We are having fish. Hey, don't put a frown on your face. I'ts not so bad. We are having Pickeral fillets (which cost a ton on money) and I used to catch them for nothing years ago. I know there is another name for them in the US..but I can't remember it. Since I went all "sissy" about fishing the last few years, I have to buy them. I made a batch of homemade fries, homemade coleslaw, from a fresh cabbage hippychick donated to me, and we will have ourselves a good fry.

Hippychick came over last night for "attitude adjustment hour"... AAH and brought a huge pile of veggies from her retirement garden in Ridgeville. SIL Sheila and I we able to take what we wanted, and man there was so much. She even grew celery, that is unheard of in Winnipeg. But she is out about 70 miles east of here where the soil is made up of mostly sand, not clay like it is here. I now have all the ingriedents for Mennonite Soup. Beet leaves, Sorrel, Summer Savory, Dill (which I had), potatoes, carrots and onions...all fresh from the garden. And yes, she brought tomatoes too...we had them for lunch and there were soo good. It's supposed to get colder tomorrow with some rain, so this soup will hit the spot. I have some mennonite farmer sausage in the freezer for the base.........yum. and dad in heaven...I bet you wish you could come down for a bowl!!! Unless God makes it better....I don't think so.

It's really wierd, I have been having dreams with my mom in them for the last few weeks, I dream alot, but not about her usually. But during this time of year I do...she died September 19th. and every year since, she is in my dreams around this time...and some of them are so vivid it was like she was here. And it's like she is telling me what to do all the time, and I get all pissed off. There must be a message in there somewhere. We never disagreed with each other.

Gord and I the dark the time all our AAH friends left it was late, so we struck up the new guyBBQ...the one that could barbeque an's that big. But because I couldn't see worth shit, the burgers came out kind of rare...we ate it anyway and waited for saminila poisioning. Didn't happen. We checked our pampers this morning...and it was all good.

I can't believe summer is almost over, and it gets dark so soon now. I used to like winter, but I have gotten over that. Give me a touch of snow at Christmas and then be gonst. Geput. >>>>>>>gonzo...But that ain't gonna happen.

Well,I better get to bed, I just finished off a piece of my latest banana bread experiment I baked this afternoon in the heat. This one was more delightful than the last two. But it was a tad heavy....I added an extra banana and half a cup of crushed pineapple. I had to get a fork lift to get it out of the stove...and of course I burned my finger. First the rib...then the finger..oy......... but that sucker is moist this time.. more tomorrow...feels like a got lead in me belly.......


AndiePandie said...

Mmm ribs sound yummy! But so does some fish. Perhaps I'll make some fish tonight. :) Hope you had a good long weekend, Joan!

Brenda said...

James fried up that Golly Monster catfish that Zach caught last week, we had company, and everyone went home with a full belly.

Joan said...

Thanks Andie, enjoy your fish fry.

Brenda...ohhhh I would have loved to have me some catfish fried in butter. These Walleyes aka..pickerel..were oldish fishy tasting... I'm going to have to get over myself and go down to the docks next weekend and get me a nice big ole catfish to fry. First I will have to find my fishing rod...I know it's around here somewhere, and then dig up a couple worms.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else having trouble reading the print on your blog? The light yellow type doesn't show up on the tan floral background!