Friday, August 22, 2008

The weather....

It seems I have lost all my sidebar buddy list....whatinthehellisgoingon.

Thunderstorms, and rain upon rain storms keep coming.......I love it. Except last night when lightning struck so close to the house I could almost smell it. Holy moly, that was close. We are going to have more of it tonight.

I have missed thunderstorms and a good rain over the years. I think we have had at least 5 years of almost no rain...just a dribbling here and there. This reminds me of when I was young living in the country, and we would always get a good amount of rain in the summer. Thunderstorms were the norm. mom was scared of them. When we were really young she used to wake my bro and I up to weather the storm. I don't know why...we were sound asleep, but I guess she was scared we would get struck my lightning. I think her mother did the same thing ... and scared the crap out of her...and then passed on the fear.

Later on I loved to go outside after a storm, and watch for the rainbow, and collect worms that would surface after the rain. The smell of the earth after a rain was intoxicating. And walking barefoot in the warm water on the sidewalks almost made you want to piss your pants.

Good memories. I was 12 and wet my pants.


Brenda said...

Some of the storms that we have make me a little nervous if I'm awake when they start. If I'm asleep, I think the roof would have to blow off and maybe the rain slapping me in the face would wake me up.

Sally said...

We've had enough rain this week, that if it doesn't let us we're all gonna be floating down the river or out to sea!! Hopefully, the worst is about over. It's been rough.