Sunday, August 24, 2008

I am speaking from the OTHER side..

I shouldn't be watching Sex in the City reruns...because some of them are pretty I killed myself mentally and went to heaven for penance. Hell you say?.... no, I am in heaven forpetessake. I am watching over all of you right now.

Special K...quit picking your nose... and gosh do something with your hair!

Mary Lou I think your cat just pissed on the floor..right next to the broom closet...go and!!

I'm feeling the vibes tonight I tells you. I am right up here with Angel Man...and he is better looking in person than on the internet. I'm having a little problem getting too close to him because his big horking wings keep slapping me in the face and I'm doing facebook plants...but no problem... you can't fall down from heaven.

Brenda... I met Ya Ya....he's doing fine don't you be worried. He is a loud bugger! Also, I see Zac hasn't done his homework tonight...get on that okay? And tell James to make his own supper, because you are tuckered right out. As far as I can tell from here, that didn't work out.

Donna, I think your daughter may have a boyfriend......but didn't hear that from me. I just looked down and saw them "holding hands"...... that's all I saw...damn clouds!!

Sally...I hear the strains of "Moon River" coming from your porch....are you sure you don't have a suitor visiting? I can't see clearly because of the clouds....but either it is a small man or a dog. No, wait....either the small man went for a dump on your lawn...or it was your dog.. Sorry. I need heaven glasses..oy.

Now on to Curtis. The reason for my heaven post. Curtis, I have been thinking of you all week long. I have been searching for her all day..and finally found her at a small school for Angels who have not yet got their wings. Knowing Ellen, she got hers a long time ago, and she is now the teacher as she was in life. The clouds aren't blocking my view anymore, I can see her clearly, and with purpose in her work for God teaching those that just arrived...with all the skills she used on earth. I think she saw the clouds started to move in..and I drifted back to earth.. I think she mouthed the words....give my hunny bunny a hug for me. it is...{{{{{{}}}}}}.


Sally said...

Aw, Joan, that is so sweet. I've been thinking of Ellen, and of course, Curtis also.

Hey listen - don't be telling no peoples about what's going on in my backyard. Sheesh - can't keep nothin' secret with you hanging around!! :)

Brenda said...

Thump Ya-Ya on the head for me, just a tiny one, and give him a bite of tater chips, he loves those. Now send down a box of kleenx for this big honker of mine.

Donna said...

You get Right back up there and Keep Watching!!! I want DETAILS!!!Hahahahaaaa.....

Sweet post're a good friend with a wonderful and caring heart....hughugs

Sally said...

Oh, it looks pretty in here!!

Just stopping by to see if you've had any more sightings. :)

Mary Lou said...

Wow, you changed clothes again!! And I dont have a broom closet, but they got the dust mop! :( It is hard to believe that a year has gone by already!! I miss her.

Donna said...

WoW! Stopping back by for another "fix" and I find this beautiful room! Nice Joan!!!hughugs

Susan said...

Hi Joanie,
Its really pretty in here! I love this template. Better not tell me where you got it or I may just copy this one! Was it expensive?
Such a sweet post on Heaven. You are a big a mushpot as I. Ive been thinking about Ellen and Curtis all week.