Friday, August 08, 2008

I would like to personally thank

my stinking neighbour for mowing his lawn at 7:30 at night...during the height of mosquito season. He is retired for God's sakes...he has all day to do this shit..and then he tries to kill us off with spraying Malathion, after he scared all those bastards up. I hate him.

I was expecting a very calm weekend at home...on the back deck. Needless to say that has not happened. The other neighbours to the right of "chemical man"...have their grandkids here for a week. Three very loud one's. Ages from 9 months to about 6 years old. Along with parents, that have some issues of their own. Good Lord, it is loud. Don't kids ever stop talking....they never, ever shut up. Every move they make has to followed verbally, by every move they make. "Jessica I just kicked the ball"....then she explains...I kicked the ball twice and missed it once, and then a bird was in the tree, and I missed the bird, but if I would have kicked it harder I might have hit the bird. just never stops. The story goes on from one kid to the next....and then they quack on and on... ohhh lord....Then the 9 month old starts up....she orders the elders around with a high pitched scream that pierces my soul.

Right now, the elders are being told to "get me a Popsicle"...stupid elder ask what flavour?... holy shit...apparently strawberry suits no one. Screaming ensues.

Popsicles are doled out....and if the elder takes off the wrapper, there is a lot hollering going on. Apparently they can do that themselves. I guess strawberry was good enough. Now they are arguing about supper... there is a lot of "don't touch" going on...because the kids are on the deck with the barbecue happening.

One kid is now in the back yard hanging from a tree, and the smoke alarm just went off in their house, which scared the 9 month old. Elders are yelling for the kid to get down from the tree, and waving frantically at the smoke alarm in the kitchen....which the barbecue probably set off.

The 9 month old just keeps on screaming...she isn't crying...just verbalising... but it hurts my ears. It is all so familiar when all my nieces and nephews were young...and kinda fun to hear, it takes me back a bit and they are a family just doing thar thing. I'm a little jealous.

My dog has now got into the fray....and is barking at a chipmunk. So much for a peaceful evening on the back 40.


Donna said...

HAhahahahahahaha.....damn....I'm just going to bed........I'm in pain....Hahahahaha.....hughughugs

katerina said...

Having gotten something of a taste of the rowdy chilluns the evening I was there, I know this entry contains no exaggeration.

Being saturated in chemicals, pecked by mosquitoes, and listening to that nonsense is no way to spend what's left of what little holiday time you have left, punkin.


moma grits said...

I am about to piss my pants reading this! I am so glad I am not your neighbor because Beans Screams ALOT and Alexis would talk your ear off! I can so relate to the explanations of the kicked ball. I just want to to yell SHUT UP I was freaking watching you do it when the kids begin a long drawn out story like that but I generally sit patiently and listen LOL

Sally said...

Oh Joan - you're just too too much!! I'm glad you met Kat and ya'll had such a great time. I knew the two of you would have fun, and hey, Gordie looks a little happy too, hahahaha!!!

Brenda said...

It's loud and rowdy here when all the kids are around and sometimes we have tractor noises, but for the most part, it's quiet here on our country road. The neighbors aren't close but we can step out back and yell really loud and they can here us if they're outdoors.

Joan said...

Hey, I love the kids...but shit... they are loud and never stop talking...never...

just you wait...tomorrow, I will be on the deck trying to hear what they are up to again....they make me smile ... big time.