Friday, August 29, 2008

It's been awhile

So much to time for blogging. I haven't even made the old blog look like home yet. That will's the long weekend.........and I hope it rains, so I don't have to feel guilty about doing stuff outside.

Apparently the inside of my house needs a bit of scrubbing. I have been turning a blind eye to this for sometime, and I guess I will have to do that this weekend. I can't blame it on the rib "nomore" because I mowed the back 40 yesterday and ..I lived! Thank God (Gord) for buying a lawnmower with an electric start button. At least I didn't have to knock a few more bones out their respective joints. I have been letting Gord off on the yard work.

Gord has not been feeling well in the past few months, and he finally went to the doc this week. I suspected the culprit....LIPITOR... the cholesterol drug he takes. His doc was on holidays for a month, so I decided to use my medical degree I earned on Google to task before his doc came back. All the symptoms were there right in front of my I took Lipitor out his medley of drugs for three weeks. I figured, what could happen? I made sure we ate carefully. Like we didn't stick forks in our foreheads.....okay, what I meant to say is we ate ...carefully in the sense we didn't eat high cholesterol crap.. and when he went to the doctor he agreed with my prognosis. One for me. He has been feeling better and better after he stopped taking the Lipitor. So, now he trying another one...let's see how that goes.

I just yelled at a neighbour over the next street who was drilling concrete, that made my ears bleed. It was horrible...and he quit....Two for me. I am getting better at nothing than anyone else.

Gord just got home and is smoking me out the back deck with the fumes from the Stinkin Lincoln he just pulled up in with the speakers blaring....I'm glad we don't have gun controls in Canada, or I might just have to put a small bullet in his laderhosen. I want peace and tranquility on Friday nights...

That concrete guy is lucky.


Brenda said...

I reckon it wouldn't be a safe bet to send my ol shotgun up your way, huh?

Gord is one lucky fella to have you on his side Miz Joan.

Dorie said...

Good call for you on Gord's medication---some of them the side effects are worse than the condition!

Sally said...

Good for you taking care of your hubby; I'm glad he's feeling better and hope the new meds will work fine. Since my "stent" I've had to really watch the cholesterol and sodium intake; bummer, food just ain't as good as it was and to top it off I've gained 8 pounds!! :)

Enjoy your long weekend.

Poolagirl said...

You are such a great writer! I found you through my friend cocoabean on Diaryland. I'll visit again!

Mary Lou said...

Gads Joanie! I thought the stinkin Lincoln died LAST year. My friend is dealing with Lipitor issues also. good call.

canuckabilly said...

Stinkin' Lincoln eh? Tell Gord to tune the dam thing up so it'll run right...geez. Man can fix an oven like no tomorrow but fogs for mosquitos with his car. lol. Love the new look of your blog and that one birdhouse looks like something my relatives in WV live in. Just kidding. Hillbilly out for them.

Donna said...

My Hubby was on Lovstatin for about a year and felt like crap! He was ONLY suppose to be on it for 3 months...his "dr" failed to keep proper tabs on him, with Me screaming each and every month at Hubby about calling the "dr" morning at work, I was talking to Hubby about something, when he raised both arms and put his hands behind his head, sort of kicking back in his chair to talk to me, when I was horrified to see Both underarms covered in blood bruises, the sizes of dinner plates!!! I yanked him OFF that Crap ASAP, and we've both take niacin (the kind that makes you flush) ever since. (The Drs won't tell you about niacin!!) My Dr tried to put Me on a statin as well and I told Him I was gonna do it the Natural way...Niacin!! My Next check-up? My cholesterol had dropped 40 points!! And I wasn't even Trying to eat right!! Some but not a Huge effort! In My opinion??? Statins are Dangerous!!
Sorry for the rant!!! I get SO pissed when the people you're suppose to trust with your health do Not do their homework!!
Again, sorry sweetie!hughugs

Joan said...

Hi guys, thanks for dropping in.

Hey poolagirl, nice to see somebody new in here, your friend cocoa is such a nice person. Welcome.

Donna..thanks for the info... the Dr. put him on Crestor, and as far as I can see it's the same shit as Lipitor. He decreased the dosage by 10 mgs..but whatever. We will see if causes any problems...and I will seriously look into Niacin. His doctor never even checked his cholesterol and gave him this new drug anyway....jeez thank god for google....and friends on the internet.

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