Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tips and Tricks

Do you guys see my template looking funny, every now and again, I can only see the birds flying around up there without the background....let me know. Thanks

I read everyday and he has some really good tips.

You got to try this

Windows only: Free image utility VJPEG is a tool that could be a serious time saver for anyone who regularly views or compares digital images from their desktop. The tiny application installs itself as the default handler for JPG, BMP, and other common image files so when a file is double-clicked, it opens super-fast in a frame-less desktop windows. There are shortcuts to resize, rotate, and even email a picture, but the concept is quickly checking out photos without waiting for Windows' viewer, or even something as light as IrfanView to load. My recommendation? Set up VJPEG as a send to item menu, and feed batches of pictures to it for quick selection. VJPEG is a free download for Windows systems only.
How-to web site Instructables has a step-by-step guide detailing how to repurpose your classic (but broken) NES as a lunchbox. All you've got to do is gut your Nintendo's innards and add hinges (though a handle would be nice). You'll also need a Sasquatch action figure if the guide is to be believed, but I'm guessing you can get away without it.

Next week I will hold a contest to see if you can spot the phony plants in the garden from the real ones, once I get them all in place. Gardeners all of over the world....don't judge me.

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Brenda said...

Those poor little bees! But I like your idea of plastic plants, do you have to weed those too?