Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I didn't drop off the face of the earth

I only did a face plant. Don't worry flat faces are the new black right now. I hope that doesn't sound politically incorrect....nevermind. Olympics and ...forget it....No, I didn't fall down and go boom. I am still recovering from my bruised rib debacle. Had I know how much it hurts, I would never eaten at "Tony Roma's" ever again. I don't think I will ever look at a rib the same way....even though it came from a very dead pig.

I am sleeping through the night now...finally.

However, my Penny Loafer is another problem. We have changed her med's and she is finally getting the pain relief she needs to get around. It's been a long week, and it's only Wednesday....I'm just waiting the the "other shoe to drop".......on my fucking politically incorrect head.

Screw it.

You know we just bought that humongous stinking barbecue/crematorium...well I am cooking on the Jenn-Air inside tonight...why you ask? Because the winds have gusted up to 12,500 mph. There are no more leaves left on my trees...okay I might just be exaggerating a bit...but I am getting tired of being outside anyway. Same old shit. Screw it....hey I know I have an attitude going on. Gord still isn't home because he had to help his brother with his A/C unit..........and I am damn hungry. And when I'm hungry I like to make other peoples lives guys were first in line.

So, if you can read between the lines, I am so worried about my Penny. I love her so much and to see her in pain, just breaks my heart. Every day since the weekend has been better with the med's....but it will never be the same. I have been through this with my two other dogs..when you have to count the days and evaluate their lives and justify.. if you are keeping them around for your own benefit...and I find myself in that position again. I swore to Gord when we got Penny that would never happen again....and now it's a problem....not one we have to solve immediately...but it's there...and it works on your mind all the time.

Those of you who aren't pet lovers would never understand...but don't judge us....these little critters we have adopted over the years have given us so much joy, and a lot of heart ache when their time is over. Penny will be around for awhile....but I am going to make sure her life right now will be the best I can make it. I love her so much....sorry for getting a little weepy here.

The person she loves the most other than Sheila..Gord's sister. Sheila just found my blog last's a big kiss from your fav girl even though she can't get off her ass. See you on Saturday!!

Okay, enough feeling sorry for myself........... I'm off to kick Gord's ass for being late for supper....bastard!!


Mary Lou said...

I SOOOOO Understand! I am holding the "watch" on two of my OLDEST kitties. Lint is 17+ and Ethel in 16, and both are on their way out. Sadie my Cocker is 5 1/2 and showing signs of arthritis too. THey fill your heart up and leave a giant hole when they leave!

Brenda said...

The pain you're going through right now is the reason I won't have another animal, at least right now. I miss them so bad and I am such a chicken over someone's or something's pain. I think I'd rather hurt myself than to see it. Just keep loving her Miz Joan.

Laura said...

I think people who dont love pets are abnormal!

I feel for you.

A pet is a member of the family! Even BETTER than some members!

Donna said...

I know to....Our Corkey is getting so blind, he's bumping into things...heartbreaking...I've held 2 others...I just Can't do it again. I'll just keep rubbing Corks belly and hope for the best...Praying for Lil' Miss Penny....((((HUG))))