Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New template...and I love it...yes really I do!

I have been looking for a template like this forever......and this afternoon a found a web site that had some really nice ones. I wanted to link it back to my site, but the lady was such a religious person, I felt she wouldn't be comfortable with me dropping the "f' bomb on her template. What a dilemma?? Plus, she is a Mennonite...yikes I am probably related to her.

I like a cozy template... and all the one's I used before were so...unlived in. This one looks more like..hey... come on in...you don't have take off your shoes...whatever...and let's have a glass of wine and talk shit for awhile.

My rib is just starting to get better....I can't believe how long it is taking, but I can feel it is improving.

I made another loaf of banana bread yesterday....I cannot get enough of it. But our supper tonight was de shitz...don't let anyone tell you that you can make meat balls out of ground chicken...because it will be a LIE. They taste like shit, meatballs can only be made from beef, and whoever so disbelievith in that is a big fat liar....or had their taste buds removed at birth.

Excuse me I'm going back for my second piece of banana loaf.

Good thing I left it on the counter and didn't have to unwrap it again. I love this banana loaf way to much....and I don't even eat sweet stuff. ummm I guess I do.

Okay.... time to hit the hay.... I still have some work to do on the template, I have missed a bunch of bloggers I read every day, plus I have to more pics on the left side bar...that will be fun.


Brenda said...

It looks very cozy in here Miz Joan. I love the colors and tones. Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Dorie said...

This is very nice, but wouldn't an Angel Man template be fun?

Donna said...

This is Very pretty Joan! Warm and inviting....Happy day!!hughugs

Donna said...

I adore the new look! Warm and cozy!

Joan said...

Hey thanks all..it feels like a comfortable pair of slippers...until I change my mind again..heh...but the lady who made this had a lot of comfy templates. If anyone want to know her address let me know.

Dorie...An angel man template would be so great..I just have to crack the new code in blogger and I can make one I would like. I will work on it before Christmas..

poet said...

this is a very cozy place. i have tried downloading templates but can't seem to figure out how to open them, so i guess whatever is available is what i will use. (technotarded)

glad to hear the rib is healing, take care of yourself. enjoy the week.