Monday, December 28, 2009

Good grief

I knew I was tired last night...but the typo's on my last post...were right out there!

Nevermind...I was tired to the bone but determined to write a post. Not such a good idea.

I slept until 10:30 this morning. I was pooped. After a few cups of coffee I got my mojo working again. I cleaned up the house. Lined up all the left overs in the fridge (from Christmas dinner) and shot them. After having two big dinners, one at my brother's on Christmas day and one at our house on the 26th. nothing in the fridge looked like something I would like to eat. Gord, on the other hand wants to eat nothing but those doughy dinner rolls that were left over. We have 12 more to go. He will wind up looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

We had a great time at my brothers house. Mind you, it was storming all day and I knew the roads were going to be shit. And they were. My niece totalled her car on the way to her boyfriends parent's house earlier in the morning...but fortunately she was not hurt.

Over there we had a traditional Ukrainian Christmas meal. Along with SIL's sister, husband and family. There was a lot of people and perogies. Ukrainians talk really loud so it was hard to be heard in any conversation. But, I'm pretty sure I yelled right over them. The food was fabulous. Especially a rolled crepe filled with cottage cheese, then covered with whipping cream, and baked. OMG

They took a family picture and for some reason I look like a stunned serial killer. Someone should have told me turn my frown upside down.

The guy lit up on the left is married to the blond in front of the Christmas tree....he just came in to have a fast meal, because he is a cop and didn't have time to take off his jacket because he was on a break. My brother took this picture so he isn't in it...damn. I'm the asshole on the right with my hands in my pockets. Gord of course is the guy with the Santa the middle with his favorite niece Lisa. The badge on his hat reads " forget the bullshit..what's the discount?" I am sure he was wearing that when he bought my ring..heh. My other niece Cheri is the blond cutie on the top left with her boyfriend Shane. The rest are SIL's family along with the cop. SIL is the one sitting beside me.

The second day of Christmas: The Lutherans came over.

My favourite person was in attendance.. Gord's Tanta Tina...94 years old and is still drinking me under the table. Lot's of fun. Plus lot's of youngins.

I hid 35 pretend chocolate dollar coins all over the basement for the kids to find. I took them forever. So, that was good. My SIL and my nephews wife brought food so I didn't have much to do other than make the turkey and I still made too much crap. I forgot the dressing in the fridge I had made earlier.....and I got the " are getting on in years look." Fuck that. You Lutheran's try getting a big dinner together...and then we will talk.

The 5 kids can't wait to get into my water bed. They love it. And I aways remind them..NO JUMPING! So every time I looked in the bedroom, two of the older one's were gently rocking the bed while the younger one's were sprawled out in the bed loving the rocking. The cousins love each other so much, it's so good to see. Usually kids fight...but not these girls. Probably because there isn't any males cousins in the family. I bet if there was a boy cousin, some shit would be happening. As it stands I think we have 5 lesbians. At least this way we can preserve the family name.

My water bed babies

We don't have a large closest in the front hall so everyone threw their jackets on our bed, and the kids were lying on all of them...oy!

Tanta Tina and Gordon. I love her. She is so funny, she cracks me right up.

Well that's all I got for tonight.

Remember what I said about jumping on the water bed to the girls...well there is more to that story, but that will be left for another "wet" day.

balonie..over and out.


Anonymous said...

The pics were great and your house looks so uncluttered. My hose realy does look like Santa vomited all over - I' beginning to rethinbk next year's decorating already.

Donna said...

Is that all there is to that crepe recipe?? Sounds wonderful!!
Love the photos! I Also wear my red hoodie EVERYwhere I go! And jeans! Hubby hates it...too bad, I say!!LOL
Beautiful looking family Joan!! Glad your day was wonderful...Now where's the waterbed story?LOL

Poolie said...

Perogies! YUM! And I like the guy with the light-up jacket. Very festive!