Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year to everyone..and blog-anniversary to me.

I started this bitch in 2004. That is a long time. 6 year of spewing my guts.

Waaaaaay back when the earth was still green. I never meant this to be diary of sorts...nor do I have Children to look at it for posterity. I just like to write. Put what ever is on my mind on the screen, and type out the shit that flows through that. And most of it is bullshit. heh.

Tomorrow, I am going through the achieves and find ....what I think is the best blog in each of those five years. So, be prepared for the links. If you need a nap in between them I will understand.

We are still in crisis mode here. Our WATERBED has sprung a leak. Those damn kids jumped on the bed at Christmas...and now it's leaking. Well, that is not the real story..about two weeks ago Gord jumped out of the bed in the middle of the night his hair was on fire and woke me up and said I think I pissed the bed! I don't know why, but some reason we never suspected the bed. IT'S A WATERBED. Oy. At our age we might be pissing the bed..who knows. I don't have the old age manual.

Dumb. But we never saw anything until after Christmas...when Gord once again jumped out of the bed and thought he pissed himself. Then we had a clue.... Clue and Clueless then came to a decision that there was a hole in their waterbed. Children of the sixties... scary. You never know when you are getting a flash backs.

We put a patch on it this afternoon. It's only time that will tell if it works. We may not be sleeping in the same bed tonight in 2010. He, on the sofa and me in the backseat of my truck. Bastard.



Anonymous said...

Hi Joan,

Thanks so much for keeping up your Blog. I'm not sure how long I've been reading it, but it's been quite awhile now! Your sense of humor has me laughing out loud all the time!!! I can totally relate to your aging comments as I am a few years older than you. It is a priceless thing when you can laugh at yourself, and make others laugh with you. Thanks so much, and Happy New Year to you and Gord. Patty

Poolie said...

Six years! I wish I had found you sooner!

Joan said...

Hey Patty...thanks for dropping in. After I retire in April I intend start an old fart blog. heh.

Best of the new year to you!

judemiller1 said...

I remember my water bed doing the same thing to me. Had me scared and perusing Depends the next time I went to Wally World==then I discovered the leak. A patch may work, mine didn't. I finally just bought a new bladder--for the bed, not me!!!

Brenda said...

I have enjoyed each and every one of your posts and I hope to continue to laugh with you for many years. (((hugs)))

Donna said...

Happy Blogaversary To You...late...SORRY!! Was taking care of a sick granbaby and wasn't on the computer much...
OMG What a FUNNY story about the W/bed....Larry & I had one for years...We're sitting here drinking coffee and laughing like hell...
Happy New Year Sweetie!!

Donna said...

Happy anniversary for your blog! I am celebrating mine too. Promised myself that I would do it after I retired. So started 3 months after I said pbbtttt to corporate life. Had to sit on my hinny first and turn into a vegetable. Corporate life does that to you, LOL.

Keep on rolling! And shoot that silly waterbed if it doesn't behave!