Friday, January 01, 2010

ANNIVERSARY? yesterday I edited it today. Then today I got mean.

Spell check never checks the freaking title. I just clickity clack on the keyboard like a old women with nothing to loose. I still blame it on the sixties...but nevermind.

So, I was going to go through my achieves today and look for interesting tid bits of shit you have seen one hundred times before. But, I didn't. Too much to clean up in the Christmashouse.

I took all the Christmas Crap down in my house. I sent the big Santa packing. He is back in the North Pole. I kicked his ass and away he flew. And I told him to take his phoney balonie reindeer with him. The little village people that were living in my fireplace, had not paid their rent either, so I gave them notice and evicted them. Same went for the skating pond want to stay here all year I asked?...or do you want to cross my palm with some cash. Back in the box losers.

I didn't put up the nativity scene this year....I would have really been hard pressed to ask Jesus to leave. That would not have seemed right. Phew..... I'm so glad they are still in the closet.

I took down the pre lit tree from hell. I loved the way it kept me guessing which string of lights was actually going to work on a given day. Then I gently removed it from it's place in the living room and threw it in the garbage. I evicted it. No rent needed, I didn't even ask for my damage deposit back.

We had a pretty mellow New Year's Eve. We sat around and made a great meal with steak and lobster, mushrooms, salad, and toasted cheese buns. After supper we called our good friends in Ontario and had a great talk. They are such lovely people. Plus my nephew from British Colombia called earlier and I messed with his head for awhile.

Like I said yesterday, our water bed was leaking. We got a patch kit and tried to patch it. But, it was in such a tight corner and in a crease,....was difficult. I tried it once, and it didn't work. Gord came up with a better idea on how to do it and keep the clue dry until it set....and it worked! So, nobody pissed their pants in the bed last night. At our age you never know. I usually blame everything on the dog.

Hippy Chick landed on our doorstep this morning. We had just got our lazy asses out of the waterbedwithnoleaks...around 11:00 AM and here she appeared, like a stoned reindeer after New Years! Nah, just kidding, she had come into the city for a party at her friends place, and we had coffee and chatted it up for a bit before she left for home.

So, it is homemade pizza for supper tonight....and I hope things get back to normal tomorrow. My dog doesn't even know what day it is anymore. I think she was really happy to see me take her "santa hat" and put in a box.

I have been playing around with a new piece of software for two days....Corel Paint.....and I am addicted. I can't wait to retire.......oy so much to learn.



Anonymous said...

Your evictees are welcome at my house for a few days - I don't take anything down until after Little Christmas (1/6)...except that damn pre-lit tree because we just got a pre-lit tree last year and she doesn't need to be getting any lazy ass ideas!

Brenda said...

James and zach took stuff down and packed it away a few days ago. It looks bare now.

I'm having a hard time visiting your blog cause I keep freezing up for some reason. I can eventually get it to work but it takes awhile.

Joan said...
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Joan said...

"We kept the clue dry enough until it set"?? Yikes. Obviously I don't have a clue in rhe clues closet.

Glue people..

judemiller1 said...

I finally got my Christmas junk all put away today. Such a job--kind of fun to put up and a real pain to take down. Now..I need to clean this dang place. See ya...

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.