Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trying to squeeze it in all in one weekend.

Clean the house
Get the dog's nails clipped
Play with Penny
Bookwork for the business
Personal Hygiene
Make meals
Make a new batch of wine
Water the plants (this could be part of "clean the house." If you are picky.
Ingest just enough wine after the day is done to relax.

I made Shepperd's Pie for tonights supper with left over beef from a pot roast. But I didn't have enough make mashed potatoes to cover it. Well fuck. There was no way I was going to the store for potatoes, so I winged it. With...guess what? wrong...wrong again... Kraft dinner! Call me genius if you will.

I put a layer of cooked Kraft dinner on the bottom of a small casserole dish, topped it off with my mixture of roast beef, onions, magic mushrooms, frozen mixed veggies, a few squirts of ketchup, a little sauce, left over gravy, some garlic powder and pepper and some low fat parm cheese mixed in. I made three layers of it. And topped it off with some low fat mozz cheese. The Shepperd's will be leading their flock by night...right to my house. It smells really good. Ahhh doesn't get better than that when you run out of time. But...this took me much longer than I anticipated, because I was inventing a recipe. My last load of laundry was pretty crisp by the time I got it out of the dryer.

I just happened on a new channel on our TV last night. Let's just say first of all ...every time I find a new channel that I like, our service takes it away the moment you want to watch it. Assholes. But, since last night, it's still there. They play a lot of the movies from the 1950's to today. It's always a surprise. Last night there was a lot of oldies I remember seeing at the show hall in our small Mennonite town. Yes, I know...we who watched those movies, will never get to heaven. Although the Mennonites that went to the big city to watch them will.. because God is only watching you in your own town. Makes perfect sense to me. I'm not jaded at all.

......... let me see if I can find youse guys a few pictures, because I don't have sweet "f" all... and don't want to start a Mennonite rant.

This is my grandniece Jaymie. She just turned 13.

This is Lynnae she will 16 in a few days.

Way too cute.. I love them.

Hold on...I just found the post I didn't post on Friday... It was getting late and I didn't finish it.. It was a Mennonite rant....well so be it....

I was reading a blog this afternoon.....yes on company time! And this chick was making fun of Mennonites, and it got me thinking how misinformed most people are. I'm not going to go into the logistics of it all, but for some reason they like to bundle in the Amish with the Mennonites. Yes, there might be still some old order of Mennonites out there, but not too many.

I have never seen a Mennonite drive a buggy...evar.

Yes, I grew up in a small Mennonite town and we had more churches than houses, but not all the people (Mennonites) were strict with religion. My parents were not. It was sort of a town divided. Sometimes it was hard, because we were just normal everyday people like THEM, without the Church Key. Our little town had a Beer Parlour as they called it, (men only) and we had a movie theatre. The stanch Mennonites could chose what they wanted to do and those that were more progressive could chose to drink beer and watch movies. It was not the best of worlds because as a kid you always were judged which side you were on. What friends you could make.

I didn't really notice the difference until I got older. You were judged when you put up a TV Antenna on your roof, because then the town knew YOU HAD A TV. The Christians, had their TV's in their basements and were trying to get reception from their rabbit ears. The Christians didn't go to our little movie theatre, instead they went to the big city to see movies. Apparently if you drive 75 miles it's no longer a sin.

You know, that Movie Theatre (Show Hall) as we called it then, was the best part of my life. We didn't have TV before I was about 13 years old, so movies were my life before that.

Nothing better than going to the show hall with a friend or your brother...but he was usually an asshole so I would have to ditch him and find someone else. He liked to sit in the front row. Who does that?

We paid our .25 cents for admission and .10 cents for a bag of popcorn. AND if we kept the half of the admission ticket after they tore it up....we could come back the next day and see the movie again for FREE.

I think I saw every movie made from 1955 to 1960. All the old Elvis, and name it ... I saw it twice. No wonder my grades were .....let's say, not as good as they could be if you would have studied instead of watching movies. Plus buying every movie magazine and cutting out all the pictures and pasting them to the walls of your room.

I found an old flyer that I saved from years ago in my trunk of memories....It was the flyer they gave us at the show hall for the up coming shows.

You will notice on top it says ED MARTIN BEST IN TV AND RADIO SERVICE.....he was much later to become my father in law.

You will see Harry's Cafe at the bottom. Every Mennonite town had a Chinese cafe. It was there forever. My mom went to Harry's Cafe before I was born and after. Harry and many more, immigrated to Canada in the late 40's and left their wives and children in China in search of a better life in the bible belt.

When I was a teenager...Harry's was the place to go and meet friends. Almost as it was in my mother's day. We only had one restaurant at the time. I have so many good memories sitting in the booths yakking it up...talking about boys with my girlfriends over a coke and a smoke.

That is what I wrote on Friday, but never finished. It is what it is. I have to go and eat my Kraft Dinner surprise.

Balonie.. you can take this to the bank.

Carry on.


Sally said...

Great post, Joan. Awwww, the memories of going to the movies for 25 cents. Them were the good ol days, for sure. :)

Donna said...

That was quick thinking on your part Joan...I wouldn't have thought of adding the boxed stuff!

Movies for a dime? 25cents? Wow! Parents paid for me so I don't know the prices...

And SO glad your background is different again!Hahaa...I don't feel so bad now if I want to change mine out again!
Lets form a club...BC's Unite!
(background changers, unite)
Then we can change it as often as we Want to!!LOL
The girls are Gorgeous!
Happy day Girl!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post! Movies in my home town were 30 cents and 10 cents for popcorn. And I always saw the same movie on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. It was a great life in so many ways. Not all because of the movies.

judemiller1 said...

My grandma took me her only grandchild to the movies every Saturday night for a couple of years. She had to carry my birth certificate with her so I could get in for the under 12 rate--I was so tall they thought I was older. I can't imagine why she would want to sit through "First Space Ship To The Moon", but she seemed to enjoy it and "The Greatest Show On Earth," The Annie Oakley story, and....I was not allowed to see "Gone With The Wind' when it made it's re-run however. It was deemed "too mature" for me and when I saw it in the 1960's with my mother, I STILL thought it was too mature for me!

Brenda said...

I love this post!! Even though you said the casserole wasn't great I bet it was good.

I think you knew how to have fun as a kid and that's good no matter what religion!