Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Phew, I got rid of that crap

It's time I keep it simple stupid. KISS. When reading my own blog makes my stomach's over rover. But, of course you know I can, and will change my mind.

The weather out here is fabulous.....the dog is now pissing in the back 40 instead of the deck. She got the message yesterday when I shovelled off all the pisspopcyles off the deck. I gave her a stern warning about that....and she obeys her momma. She's a good girl, and I don't mind a little pee in the snow on the deck when it's 40 below. Saves me from making her little doggie leggings with Velcro attachments. I have had too many dogs in my lifetime to expect a dog to keep them on. By the time they hit the back 40 they were off. ...they start shaking their paws...then do a little dance...and it's over...they got my little crocheted leggings off. Little buggers.

So then, I have to put my parka, mitts, and boots on and go and fetch the dog, and the booties...and sometimes a small turd to put on the deck to entice her to take the dump on the deck when it gets 1000 below.

So, what I'm saying...we got it together so far this winter. But that is subject to change of course.

So, how do you handle your dog droppings? That should of been my header!!! HA....


judemiller1 said...

Dog droppings? I don't
"handle" them. I bought Fred a fancy Pooper Scooper...after all, it IS his dawg. He says "they are easier to extract when they are frozen"...ahh, the lovely conversations he and I have.

Donna said...

Hahahaaa....I have to carry Corky outside 24/7 he goes where I put him. He'll be 18 this year and keeps on ticking. Blind, deaf and arthritic but good natured about it...We just refuse to put him in the nursing home or complete the "final solution" with him...He was there for us all those years now we're here for him.
What gets me is, he gets pissed if I don't go to bed when HE tells me to!! I kid you not...geez!

Grandma K said...

My princess of a god doesn't like to get her feet wet. I often get to use a lot of paper towels to remove "things" from the entry hall. At least it is tile. Most of the time she is good, but there are times when she does have an accident.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a dog now, but when I was a kid, my dad would give me a nickel a poop to pick up our dog's poop. We hade a lab who had a "lovely" habit of eating her own droppings and I used to chase her away while yelling, "You're eating my allowance!"