Sunday, January 03, 2010

Back to work tomorrow..

This is a picture of our friend Don giving sleigh rides around the Legislative Building on New Year's Day, in celebration of Lt. Gov. Philip Lee's first year in service as our Lt. Governor. It was a traditional reception dating back to the early days of the Red River Settlement.

Don has raised Clydesdale's on his farm for years. I had sort of forgot about it, until we saw the picture in the paper yesterday. His horses have always been his passion, and they are beautiful. And he sort of looks like Santa doesn't he?

I did have a great lazy ass week.

It was too cold to out anywhere, so I stayed close to my Penny, water bed, kitchen, TV and computer. Packed up the Christmas stuff I missed the other day...and put it all to bed.

I had my hair cut yesterday, by a woman ...who after seating me in the chair told me her ADD was right up there. Probably on a scale of 1 to 10...I think she was hitting 9.9% in my opinion. I was sitting waiting while she was doing another guys hair...and she never stopped talking from the time he sat down until he left. That should have been my first hint. Apparently he was a good customer and did not mind HIS HEAD BEING TALKED OFF. Literally TALKED OFF...I could see it rolling on the floor. I had to catch it several times and put it back on his head! So she could keep TALKING IT OFF.

Enough bitching...just a couple of pics.

Penny pretending to ask you to help her (along with her ball "greenie)", because the I'm throwing her chair in the garbage.

Two more Christmas cactus mom would have loved that.


poolagirl said...

Those horses are gorgeous! And Penny is such a cutie.

judemiller1 said...

Love the christmas cactus--can't get mine to bloom--it wasn't my mother's. Bet your mother is smiling. As an aside, something that really bothered me, my Mother died in March, I was really pissed when all the spring blubs she planted came up and bloomed the next month--I thought they should stay dead in respect for her. My then 10 year old said, "Momma, Grandma is smiling seeing all her pretty Tulips." Well...maybe.

Brenda said...

I love the horses, and the Christmas cactus, and Penny.