Friday, January 29, 2010

My blogger friend Chatty Kathy with a K

Has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Yup, shit happens. But I have never met a girl who is more enthusiastic to get her breasts lopped off and get on with her life. Go Kathy. Who needs them anyway... they are just two lumps made to attract the male species. Or feed your children...( sorry I almost forgot about that part because I don't have any.) Once you are over that hump, you may as well remove them. I think every woman should do that after the age of 40. Get those knockers knocked off. It would save me so much money at Safeway when they are asking for a 2.00 donation for breast cancer every dang day. I jest.

I remember 14 years ago or so when my "hippy chick" was diagnosed with breast cancer. She, being who she is (much like Kathy) took a different road. She rode the road she wanted to travel. When they took her breast and after she got out of the hospital...she made a statement. She wore no bra. She also wore hippy T shirts that showed that one of her girls were gone. She was so brave. And such a hippy chick. Eventually she got a prosthetic bra. Then as the years went on the bra kept on moving up an down and making her tits lopsided. She got pissed off and had reconstruction surgery. They took her belly and back fat and made her a new tit.
(Janis if you are reading this...correct me) because it's Friday and I'm drinking wine.)

So Kathy if you are reading this ....get some comfort because that bitch is still alive after all these years.....and she drew up the plans for out new house and is still kicking ass. I love her.

balonie......making pizza and hoping it doesn't taste like ass like last week.


Sally said...

I wish your friend the very best. ((hugs))

Save me some wine. :)

Kathy said...

Thanks Joanie Balonie!

Donna said...

I just KNOW she's 'gonna be FINE!!! Especially with friends like You Miz Joan!!!
Here's To Kathy!!!!

judemiller1 said...

When my friend was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, she had a double mastectomy. She said she wanted them gone so she didn't have to worry about it coming back. She is now 6 years from that date, looks and feels great. As I tote these 40DD around, I think you have the right idea. How nice it would be to wear a T-shirt that laid nice and flat. How nice it would be to be able to buy a dress that is the same size top and bottom. How nice. Hmm-mm
Kathy--you are going to be all right!!!

Poolie said...

Kathy has the best attitude of anyone I have ever encountered who is facing this surgery. She is a fighter, and with you on her side and the rest of us yahoo's holding the light, all will be well. She is a dear one to so many of us here in Cyberland.