Monday, January 25, 2010

Snow day..yesterday's post

When I got up this morning the winds were 'ahowling...and snow was a'drifting. It was a mess. And they were closing all the highways out of the city.

The radio stations were telling everyone to stay put, and not drive. Well "shit" I have lived here all my life and have gone to work in much worse conditions. Yes, the highways might be bad, but I only live 10 minutes from work. I'm going...because it's payroll Monday and my men need to get paid at the end of the week.

I put on my "big girl" boots, scarves, mittens and tucked in a flask of whiskey, should I get stranded. Okay, it was coffee. And went out the door. Ooops..... no step's, just snow banks.

The driveway was clear, but the way that ugly wind was blowing blew up all the snow up on our front stairs. I was up to over my knees when I finally got to my truck. Like I said the driveway was clear so I knew I could put it in 4 wheel drive to get off of it. And I did. But for some reason ... and I blame my husband of 90 years, he was using my truck to plow our office lots yesterday from another minor storm that came through... all the inside windows of the truck were coated with frost. I couldn't see a damn thing. I think he did too much heavy breathing in there. Or he's got a frosty chick on the side.

Okay, now it's 8:15, I have to be at work by 8:30. I sit and wait while the defrost action starts happening in the truck so I can see where in the hell I have to go.

By 8:45 I was getting pissed and started wiping all the inside windows with whatever I had at hand. My gloves, my hairbrush (yes I have one in the truck) and other junk. By then the frost was getting soft and I could do it with my fingernails. I have never encountered frost on the inside windows of the truck....Gord? Anyhow, to pass the time I drew little pictures on the windows with my fingernails. Stick ladies and stick men. Sometimes I made them do stuff. Like I said I was bored. heh Unfortunately, they were still "doing stuff" after the window dried up. You could see it!

Finally when I could see out all the windows, I put her in 4 wheel drive and left. It was pretty well a white out in the residential area, but when I got to the main road it was fine.

Then I got to work. Nobody was there. The parking lot was empty. I'm going WTF.... this was not a blizzard of momentous proportions, it was a "baby" storm. I realized most of our guys couldn't come in because they live in small communities on the outskirts of town....and the roads were closed....but where was the office manager? My boss is in Hawaii.

Apparently he lost his keys to his truck the night before. Okay. Like I'm buying that.

We have a new office, with new security codes to get into it. I have never had a chance to use it until today. I punched it in. BEEEEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEpppppppppppppppp.

Apparently my successor ( the guy who is replacing me lives 50 f'n miles from the city and couldn't come in) who was supposed to put in the new security codes either sabotaged mine or fucked it up. All the alarms went off. It rang...and it rang. And then it rang some more. I really didn't give a shit, because I knew eventually they would quit ringing and someone from the security office would show up.

I was pissed off too. Because it's payroll Monday and no one had left their time sheet on my desk. I called head office and told them ....we have a problem here Houston....all our guys are snowed in.

Then, I got an ear full from head office saying....your guys should be emailing in their time sheets because we need it right the fuck now....blah blah blah. And when I told her I was the only one on staff here...and was contemplating going home before it got worse...she flipped her lid and told me no one who didn't have a time sheet by 11:30 AM was NOT going to get paid on pay day.

So, I stayed the day in our stormed in office phoning all the guys and getting their hours so they would get paid.

I did this for my "men" not head office remember them...the guys who put me out to pasture.

The weather cleared up around 3:00 PM a lot of drifting, but nothing I couldn't get through.

You know......April 30th. can not come fast enough. I should have make it earlier.

Next week I'm going to give all my work to the new guy. And let head office yell at him. My work here is done. From now on, I will coast into retirement.

Balonie...making Mennonite farmer sausage soup for her man.. on a very cold winter evening.


Anonymous said...

Joan! What the hell are you doing risking your neck for those guys???!!!If I'm not afraid to drive in the snow either (I drive a 4 wheel drive Durango) but if I stepped into a drift when I walked out of my kitchen door, I would fall backwards into the house and stay the hell home!

Poolie said...

Coast and keep coasting. Those guys don't deserve you!

judemiller1 said...

Oh Lordy--I have also driven in to the office in a blizzard only to find I was the only one present...but there was a conference scheduled the next week and I had projects to get done. We do these extraordinary things and we are the ones who get put out to pasture. Something just isn't right with this picture.

Joan said...

I will be munching on my oats soon enough.