Sunday, January 24, 2010

I spent some time

taking pictures of my fat face today. The other pic was taken about 4 years ago. So I needed to let you know that I have not aged all that gracefully. I really wanted to show you a picture of my new coat, which I am in love with. But there was nobody at home to take a picture of me, so I had do it all in the mirror. Pictures taken in the mirror with a camera in one hand do not make for lovely pics. But the coat is ubber cool. I need a red scarf to set the coat off. I just cropped some of the pictures to get a head shot for facebook and blogger. I will look at the others later to see if I think I look cool enough to show you. Yeah, it's a girl thing, and it never goes away. I sort of look orange in my screen ....anyway, I am not orange. Deal with the lighting I had to work with on a dreary day.

So, what's new? I have been away for awhile. Mostly reading your blogs at work...and forgive me for not commenting. this new building we are in now, my desk is a magnet. A fucking magnet. They put the big printer and photocopier behind me. Which means I have to minimize whatever I'm looking at 5,678 times a day. I think you guys are giving me carpal tunnel syndrome. Hey, it's all on you. The copier used to be in the central office before, now they have invaded my personal space. I really, really hate it. Everyone has to come by my desk to pick up a fax or something from the printer. Then of course they look at my screen. Bastards.

Sometimes I'm not fast enough and instead of minimizing it I hit the max button. Damn...Well depending which blog I'm on....either you will see children playing, food, or....goat's mating. My blog roll is diverse.

Here is a girl....Hi Kitch... who is going through some shit waiting for results for a lump in her breast.

She sounds brave....but I know ..everyone knows the heartache of waiting for the test results.

Let's cross our toes for her. It even get's better if you cross your fingers and toes while going though an underpass with a train going overhead. It's a sure sign of good things to come. It makes driving a little hazardous, but we must do...what we must do. Let's make the lump a cyst. Sing it to me.


Kathy said...

I appreciate all that toe crossing that you're doing. I'm really not too worried. It's got the universe against it!

Donna said...

Hahahaha!!! I feel your blogger pain! NOW, my computer monitor faces the wall!

I'll hop over to Kitch blog!
Have a grand day girl and I Love the photo!

Poolie said...

My office is down the hall and I can hear people coming a mile away because of the wooden floors. Good thing!

Donna said...

I'm not sure what colors you're asking about...can't find it anywhere in layout or settings.

judemiller1 said...

I sat at the reception desk with my back to the offices so my computer screen could be seen by anyone in the offices. Consequently, I never played Solitaire or went on the Internet while at work! Damn nosy people!!!

Hoping all goes well with Kathy, I am super sure it is just a cyst and will cause her no problems!!!

Joan said...

Kathy, toe crossing while driving through an underpass has healed many a young man/woman...providing they don't get the old toe cramp. Then it's anyone's game.