Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My Penny

This was originally an animated picture...and all their tails were wagging. I couldn't make em wag again. And I think the snow was falling as well. I screwed up all the animation probably by saving it as a JPEG...anyway I have had this little gem in my achieves for many a moon.

It's so pretty. One of my favourites.

The temperatures in my part of the world have fallen ... like a rock. I can't believe I was outside in a summer jacket about a week ago....and this week my ass froze to the picnic table while I was playing with Penny. BTW, every evening after work I throw the ball from the picnic table and she fetches it and brings it back. Then she eats her supper (kibble) on the picnic table. She love's eating outside. And then we cuddle for awhile and play again. While I look at my watch.....okay then playtime is over...I tell her to get that ball back in the house, and she does. She runs up the handicapped ramp we made for her condition...back on to the deck and in the house.

Now I have to get her to figure out the inside playtime routine in the house. She has been good, we just have do a winter version of it. I throw the ball down into the living room...which is in the lower level...I do this.. maybe once... because of her condition...and then hide the ball upstairs .....fifty fucking times. She never gets tired of finding the ball. I can hide that squeaky ball in the same place 50 times and when she finds it...it's as surprising and as it was in the first place. It never gets old. She is a hunter....and when she finds it ...she comes out strutting with it..and chews on the squeaky ball and makes it sing. She can make it sing, and it sounds like VICTORY. Man I love that little bitch.


beyondpanicsometimes said...

I am amazed every single day about the amount of joy that our cat brings to my life. She makes me laugh out loud every single day!

Anonymous said...

Your post gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Here in Vancouver, its been down to -6 this week. But its so sunny thru the day.
Our goofy dog is the same with his ball!


Donna said...

I'm So glad she's playing and having a great time! My Corky eats, poops and sleeps...
Happy day Sweetie!!hughugs

judemiller1 said...

I wish someone would build me a handicap ramp. I can't run up and down stairs to go find a damn ball anymore--probably about time I was put down.

Dorie said...

Penny sounds like a wonderful doggie. Love that picture too.