Sunday, December 06, 2009

Getting it on

I'm getting into the swing of things. I got the tree up today, the pre lit tree, the narrow ugly pre lit tree I bought last year. It looks like a bean pole. I don't recall what possessed me to buy it, but I'm sure it's in my archieves. I don't want to look in that hole. Ahhh, yes I just came to me I brought down the huge wall unit to the living room from upstairs...that was it...and low and behold room for das "OH Tannenbaum." Then I bought this bean pole. Well I have since moved a few things around, and beanie...just didn't fit into this years plans. But I did find a place between two windows in a corner of the living room.

Well, I hate that. I have enough decorations for both the front and back of the tree. But I don't want to. That means decorating the tree before you put it in it's place....and then moving it back...very gently into it's corner. It's always gets fucked up. What you imagined is the front of the tree, now is the side of the tree by the time you wiggle it back into the corner. And then "It's on." Pushing, twisting, shit falling off the tree on your head....oy.

Last Christmas was long time ago. I could not figure out how to plug all the lights together on my PRELIT Christmas tree. I think I have a hernia. I was on the floor looking for all those little plugs that plug together into the big plug. I had a few woodstock moments. I found three, and plugged them all into the Big Momma plug...yet the bottom lights were not lit. I was writhing on the floor under the tree searching for that elusive plug... while there, I found spider webs on the bottom window sills...with dead flys in them. I found the plug at long last. My head was full of spider webs.

Apparently this is a room I have not been paying too much attention to during the summer. We never live there. So.... I tried to get up. I had been down there on my back and knees for about 20 minutes. I was stiff...and couldn't find anything to hold on to prop myself up with. I could see my dog sitting on the upper level of the house watching me flail like a fish out of water.....her ears all perked up....ready for the kill....heh...just kidding...she would have tried to help me if I would have strapped on her doggie cell phone and got her to dial woof 911.

I bummed my way to the sofa ...and propped myself up...and finally got up. Then I looked behind the sofa...well holy moly ... more spider webs.... I got out my vac and cleaned all that shit out. I need to retire and clean my house. If I let it go it could be considered as a part of the world wide "web."

I made my world wide famous Mac and Cheese casserole your hearts out... so good.

I bid you farewell.... dessert is coming...

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judemiller1 said...

I try to never get down on floor level because it is humilating to try and get off the floor. Even if no one is watching, I still get pissed that I can't just jump up like in the olden days and have to crawl like a crab over to the chair and lift myself up that way. Damn these Christmas trees anyway!