Monday, December 21, 2009

Showing off my lack of photography knowledge base

I put my Christmas village in the fireplace. Now you know I am on my way to the funny farm. Do you see my mom's Christmas cactus on the right. For the first time since she died it is blooming like crazy...but not on the side you can see...damit. The buds are just little, but it's so cool that they bud off the leaf.
I tried a night pic..failed.....carry on.

That is Ben the moose my niece gave me many Christmas's ago. He is the gate keeper for all the presents under the tree. You can see how diligent he looks....tail in the air...stalking preditors...while all the time he was only taking a dump. Ben! man...

Tree stuff... I bought these years ago a Wal Mart...and I love them. I twist them all over the tree. Because ummm I am twisted. But you know that.

Talk about twisted.... My tree top. With some shiny gold wheat... I loved the look. My Angel got tired of me a few years back and flew away. It might have been all the swearing I did when I put the lights on. She just took off with a letter of resignation.

I have about 6 of these that I spread through the tree... they are so very cute. Phoney looking, yes..but cute.

My deer, which I have had since we got married. He has a broken back leg, but you don't know that. I tuck him in the handicapped part of the tree.

I have had this little family forever. There feathers and nest are getting a little frayed looking...but the momma still looks after her chicks at Christmas time.

Well look at that mess. I didn't get the top on the picture, plus a row of those fucking prelit lights went out near the bottom. See the dark part? I just about shit myself yesterday, and no amount of tapping and twisting can make them come back on. I spit in the maker of prelit trees face. On the left is my little skating pond. I should have turned it looks a little drab. It's beautiful when it's lit up...and all the skaters go round and round. My SIL gave this to me last Christmas.

So, there you have it. Christmas at the Twisted!

The company I work for just moved to a new building on Monday. They used to rent from us..Gordon and myself. We owned the building and they rented a portion of it for the last 12 years. We have four other tenants in the building.
The company has grown so much in the last ten years and they needed more space, so we moved down the street to a brand new's huge. It's beautiful. The company cheeped out on everything in the old building and now we have this huge building with "real office furniture" instead of cast off's that we had before........... I have a huge real receptionist desk...I have a room for all my files....I have "pot" lighting overhead. I have carpets that haven't seen a thousand boot tracks by messy electricians. We have a real lunch room, we have a conference room, we have TWO bathrooms...Men's and Joan's....I will now no longer have smell their shit after they came back from the restaurant next door after breakfast. Phewww. It wafted into the office. They never shut the door and put on the fan OMG. And don't get me going on flushing the urinal.
I was so used to the conditions of the old building, I didn't even realize that things could be better. Not that I minded it, it was what it was.
So, I was sitting at my new desk today, close to closing time looking at all the stuff around me and marvoring at all the new stuff that I will only be able to enjoy for another 4 months. I had a real desk, and customers had brought in flowers, cards and chocolates that could be displayed on my front desk. It was like going from pampers to big girl pants. Also it was like ...I'm not sure how to say this...but like a real job. I felt the need to dress up a bit. Before jean's were the staple because it was dirty and I was always in the warehouse doing crap. Now everything is clean. So far.
I know, I'm still a little bitter....but fuck..... I'm going to miss all the good stuff.



Grandma K said...

Thank you for the tour of your decorations! That is especially since I put up zip this year.

Congratulations on a real office. It is too bad they were so lax before, and now your time is limited.

Poolie said...

I loved the tour of the tree. You are so funny! You put Fannie Flagg to shame!

Donna said...

Love all the decorations Joan!! Nice photos to!!
Glad you're enjoying the new space...Get underneath the desk and carve your initials and date!!Hahaaa...Hughugs

Donna said...

Hahaha, you put your Christmas village in the fireplace! Yep, that's twisted! LOL. Loved the little tour. You are one wacky lady!

And wouldn't you know that you're getting new office digs right before they lay you off??? Geez! Let's see, is there a cause and effect thing going on?!

judemiller1 said...

Joanie, your tree is absolutely gor-gee-us!!! And I know what you mean about the new office...I got to enjoy my enlarged reception area a month before I was kicked to the curb. It does make the whole job feel differently doesn't it?
Have a wunnerful Christmas and New Year.

Kathy said...

I love the Christmas village in the fireplace! I only have candles in mine but now I want a Christmas village!!!

Merry Christmas Joan!

Anonymous said...

Love the decorations and the stories that go with each one. Your pictures aren't that bad! I always make my daughter take the picture and then I post them!