Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We are in the midst of another snow storm. It had better be the last one. Yes, I am threatening the big guy upstairs. In a good way. Because, whoeee I can't take much more of this shit. Apparently this snowfall will put us in range for a huge flood. I only live a few blocks from the river and I no likey that.

I haven't got too much on my mind today. Except for being late for work today by an hour because of the storm. I left the house early like a responsible person should if THEY KNEW a storm was coming. I KNEW there was snow coming, but I have known that since last November when winter started. Do you think I reset my alarm clock every single day to get up early...just in case is snowed...nope. My boss made a snide remark to me today, and said you should have left at 7:00 AM...I remarked that my alarm clock only goes off at 7:30 AM so that would have made that impossible. I start work at 8:30, so I thought even though there was a lot of snow I could get there in 20 minutes. Normally it takes me 5-10. Okay, I was wrong.

I am not a morning person.
You know what really pisses me off ... it is Morning People. Seriously, they are annoying. When they know you are not a MORNING PERSON, they take so much pleasure of telling you that they were "up and at it" at 5:30 AM, and why weren't you? Like you are a total loser. My BIL enjoys nothing better to stick that in our faces every chance he gets when we say, ....oh we got up at 11:00 AM on Sunday. As he mentions all the work he has got done between 6:00AM and 11:00AM...sofuckingwhat! It's Sunday, bugger off, and we like sleeping in. We are not morning people. But, he loves to try to make us look lazy. It really really pisses me off. Don't judge, we work hard all week, but maybe not enough by his standards. Who cares.

Most people know enough not to phone our house on Saturday or Sunday before 10:00AM, because we are snoozing. For two days out of the week, there aren't any phones ringing, no rush to get out of the house and go to work. Just a quite dark bedroom, with a girl, boy and dog snoring. Peacefully. What is wrong with that? Life is stressful enough. By the MORNING PEOPLE standards, we should be out there re- shingling our roof, washing our cars, building a deck, and re-do all our plumbing whether it needs it or not. Shut up.

Yes, life is short, and if I don't get all the shit done, I don't give a hairy rats ass, I'd rather be snoozing. Then wake up, wander around for awhile, make coffee, read the paper, scratch my ass, put on the radio, listen for the forecast, scratch my ass some more, throw the ball outside for the dog to retrieve and let her relieve, drink some more coffee, read all the flyer's that come with the newspaper, then take a long shower, not the short and snappy one you have to take before going to work, and relax. Now that's what I like to do on weekends. And I don't care if it butts into my week end "to do" list. l just move a little faster in weekend afternoons. What gets done..gets done. Even when we had all the painting done and the house was a mess on the weekends...we still were snoozing on the weekends, instead of getting up at the crack ass of dawn trying to put the place back together. I guess that's why it took so long, but so what?

There is nothing better than sleeping in on the weekends. Nothing.

Gord and I are a good match, because we both love sleeping in. But, I can see if you were married to a "early bird" ... it could be problematic. It's a good thing we are on the same page with this. Mostly were are on different pages with everything else that happens in our lives. Sometimes were are chapters apart. And sometimes were a books apart. But, "sleeping in" is where we excel. Heh.....okay that is probably the ONLY thing we agree I'll cut the bullshit.

Well, I better get to bed, because I don't want to late for work again. It's still snowing and I haven't seen a plow coming by, so that will mean it's going to be a bumpy ride to work tomorrow, and I don't want to be accused of being lazy.


cocoabean said...

morning people remind me of the saying... misery loves company. They were miserable getting up so early (no matter what they try to tell you) so they have to make you feel bad for enjoying some time in bed. I do tend to get up early, but there are also days I go to bed before 8....

Brenda said...

On school days I have to get up early to do battle with the terrorist about getting dressed but I promise, it's under protest cause I hate mornings. I'm married to a morning person too but he's learned that when I can sleep in he'd best let me or suffer.

Sally said...

I'm soooo envious of anyone who can 'sleep in'. My body clock won't let me, so if I can sleep until 7 or 8 I am VERY happy!!

Years ago I heard: if you sleep 8 hours a day, and live to be 90, you'll have slept 30 years. Just sayin'. :)

Take care in all that bad weather!

Donna said...

I say we QUIT WORK and stay HOME All day, Every Day!!! Sleep, Eat, play on the 'puter, Drink coffee...Hahahaaa...gads...I'm tired!hughugs

Poolie said...

Oh Jeeze. I suppose you might hate me now. I am a morning person! Oh Jeeze! I won't even tell you what I did before I came to work this morning. I know I drive everyone crazy with this frantic morning energy. I drive myself crazy sometimes too. Of course, I can fall asleep by 8:00 too. So I guess it's all relative.

Judy said...

My friends get up at 7:00 a.m. I ask them "why?" We are all retired. Why in the hell would anyone get up that early? What for? It is still dark out..most of the year. "Oh I just can't sleep past seven" is their reply. I always say, "Sure you can. Just roll over and shut your eyes."

I DETEST morning people--there has to be a harsher word then detest--if you think of one, let me know.

My normal rising time is 9:00 a.m.--that is why ALL my appointments don't start until after 2:00 in the afternoon. After all, I have to spend a couple of hours on the computer, then eat lunch, then watch my soap while I cross stitch or crochet.....