Monday, March 09, 2009

Long time no talky

Between trying to get the house back into shape, plus doing the family newsletter has left me with NO JAM. I haven't even had time to go and check out the Brenda Photo Challenge editing edition submissions. I will tomorrow...because I loves the editing.

And now, that fricking daylite savings time is starting to bite my ass. You won't believe what I did yesterday. Around 1:00 PM Sunday afternoon I decided to change my clocks. I didn't do it the night before because I was lazy and didn't care, because I didn't have to go to work.

So, I went and changed them .. to 12:00 PM...can you see the problem here? I changed it up instead of down. I had a shopping trip planned to buy stuff for the house, so I thought I had all the time in the world when I left at 2:30 PM. I shopped and I shopped, and then I made a small Wal Mart run for some new plants I wanted to buy. When I was about to roll my cart down the isle, a voice came on the speaker and said, Wal Mart will be closing is 5 minutes please take your purchases to the front cashiers ..WTF! It's only 4:00 PM!

I ditched the cart and ran back to my truck and turned on the radio. it said it was 6:00PM...wellfortheloveofmike.... I had a shit load of stuff I had bought, and plus I didn't have supper going. Not that we going eat early anyway, BUT I was all out of kilter. I started to drive home eractically... The whole world made me uneasy. Now I had unload all my treasures, and scramble to get supper going...pot that was easy because Gord was going to be late, but I was in a panic. I always have doggie play time with Penny at 7:00 out in the back yard, and I played really fast, threw the ball two times and ran back in....because I had to get my family newsletter done.............every.fricking. thing. was. out.of.whack.

Why I turned the clock up...I don't know...let's just chuck that up to stupidity.

It's really scary, when you miss a few hours and holy shit everything goes out of whack jack.

I'm still a little out of whack, but I'll get over it. I hate getting up in the morning when it's still dark...this morning I felt like slashing something. Good thing nobody got in my way. I had some coffee and a Tylenol. Then I went to work, only to find that my gas gauge was on M.T. I got to work with a little luck and back to the gas station at lunch. I am so damned stressed out. Mostly because my house is still a mess and I don't have time to clean it all up and do all the things I planned on this weekend.

So, nevermind I'm going to bed. It will all be here tomorrow and hopefully my mood will have changed, because I was a wicked bitch today. I know, it's hard to believe.


gemmak said...

Ooooo...that would throw me completely off kilter too!!

Brenda said...

I'm still asleep when I get up anyway so the time change will only affect me a little bit. I bet it was weird though, thinking you had all that time that you didn't have to begin with. Didja fix the clocks?

Nicole said...

Poor Joan!
I wasn't happy to turn the clocks ahead but an amazing thing kids are now sleeping an hour later than they used to!!! I am sure it won't last but I am sooooo enjoying it while I can!

Judy said...

I hate DST--it throws me for a loop for at least two weeks!
Hang in there--it WILL get better.

Sally said...

You are NOT stupid, you just have CRS. :)

Donna said...

I hate to tell you this...our WalMart is open 24/7......(running Really Fast....Hahaaa...)