Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some pictures from the house today

In no particular order...none. I took about 25 and after looking at them, I could see the error of my decorating ways.. Yeah it looks neat and tidy today, tomorrow it will usual, messed up. Who cares? Not me. At least it's all painted and it feels clean. And when we sell it, it won't look ugly. I tried to upload more of them, but blogger was biting my ass. I was getting so uptight, I almost punched myself in the face. So, you might get a feel for the paint colour, but it was hard because of the light in here. It always changed from one minute to the next.

Downstairs bath. I love those damn gooses. Ignore the pitcher of Kool-aid laced with turpentine on the left, I only use that when I run out of wine. heh...okay..nooo it's sanitizer for my wine bottles. Which you cannot see because they are behind the goosees.

I made curtains for my kitchen. I liked they way they turned out. It makes the kitchen look so much more cozy than when the venetian blinds were the only one's on the window. mucho better, says joanie balonie..

Here you see the contrast between the wall and the ceiling. But it still doesn't do the colour justice. Just a note: that fucking sofa which I have had for 30 damn years will be in the dumpster next week. And that little rattan chair, I got for my wedding shower a trillion years ago will be toast. It's time for change people, time for change. I picked out a new sofa yesterday... it has a chaise lounge thing of ma a jig going on sticking out of it. I love it. This room is just a waste of space anyway, we never live down here, we live upstairs. Our next house will never be on different levels. Oh, like I haven't said that 5,678 times.

Upstairs bathroom. The colour here looks different again... But, I swear it Arizona Tan. Here it looks pink.

Oops I went back downstairs again.. hi!..nevermind.

And again! ...alert phony plant to the left. The two corner windows bring in such strong west sun real plants fry there. I here them crying when I get home from work. Plastic does not cry. Nor does it need watering...score. I have to get a nicer pot to put it in though.

It's been a good experience...with the purging and all. I still have a lot of stuff to get rid of. The two bedroom downstairs are almost empty, and the the rec room, is close to empty.

I tried to clean up the mantle which is so damn small nothing fits on it. So I have some junk sitting on there on a trial basis. I haven't hung up the mirror/art deco thing, because I don't have a ladder to get up that high. But once it's up I think it will pretty dramatic. This is the only piece I have bought that I am in love with.

Ignore the bottle of fabreeze and watering can on the cut out.

I like this one too. It's metal and a real vibrant colour. I got it for half price 10.00 you know I'm after quantity not real quality.

Another one I bought at a bargain store. It looks blurry. But it is really nice. It brings another colour in the I wanted to bring in another colour, because I was getting too neutral...and with the greenery of my plants, plus the joaniebalonie phony one, it started to come together. Yes, I am obsessed. I refuse to hire a decorator, because #1 I can't afford it, and #2 she would piss me off and tell me I am wrong. So, I will make my own mistakes. Plus I don't think she would approve of me buying so called art stuff at Giant Tiger.... where your dollar meets your budget.

Truthfully after all is said and done, I enjoy piecing stuff together, a little of the old that has been sitting in the basement for years and I forgot about, and bringing in a little new stuff.

The office upstairs has stayed the same so I didn't take a picture of that, the TV room is giving me a little heartburn. When I took of picture of it, I realized it looked stupid. Everything in it looked so stilted, like someone had a broomstick up their ass. It needs more warmth. I will work on that this weekend. And God forbid, I tack up a few more pictures, and now I will have move them. Gord made a "don't you dare make anymore nail holes in the wall" law. Screw him. I had so many holes in the plaster of this house before the painter came, when it rained it all squirted in. Heh.... so yeah, I'm trying to cut out just eyeballing a spot and getting the hammer and punching in a hole. Now I actually take about a minute before I decide where it goes. And no, I don't believe in measuring. I'm just getting better at eyeballing.

Didn't take a picture of our bedroom either, because it's probably the biggest room in the house besides the living room.... and it's still full of all my "what not." Stuff that hasn't found a new home. Mirrors, rugs, ugly pictures, so it's on hold until this weekend. I have been looking for two night tables to put beside our bed. For some reason when I bought our bedroom furniture, I cheaped out and only bought one table. I have no idea why I did that. It was the 70's I was probably high. It's beautiful oak furniture. But when you only have one night table beside your bed and nothing on the other side it looks a little lopsided. All the rest still looks quite modern and very nice. So, I took the night table and put it in a different place. Then I went shopping on Sunday and found two boot racks at a Ikea knock off store. Shut up. They don't look like boot racks. They are long and narrow and made of wood..fir I think. They are low and have three tiers of slats. They looks absolutely wonderful on each side of the bed. When you put the bedroom lamps on the light shines through them. Once I get the room finished, I will show you. Trust me. Boot racks are not just made for the mud room. Decorating on a budget here.

Home made Sweet and Sour chicken for supper...with rice and an Asian salad. The salad is in a bag, so I'm hoping for a good one, I'm tired of my own crap.

We are in for Colorado low storm tomorrow, damn you yankees! We call everyone south of North Dakota yankees, so don't git yer Kickers in a Knot.

We will be in the middle of rain and a lot more snow to stink this place up with.


Poolie said...

Your home is absolutely FABOOOO! I love the goosies in the bathroom!

Sally said...

You're a great decorator, Joan. I think you've done an excellent job. Everything looks so nice. :)

Donna said...

I Like you decorating style!!! Great pictures!...ahhhh...Did you know you have a gaggle of geese living in your bathroom???Hahaa...I Love that shower curtain!

Judy said...

Love the wall art you have. You don't need a decorator!!!!! They WOULD piss you off and you would end up with "their" house instead of yours.

Joan said...

Where is Brenda...I'm getting worried.

Donna said...

Taxes...I think she's swamped!hughugs

Brenda said...

I love the paint color, and the bargain art too! I love bargains of any kind!

JUST A MOM said...

WOW I AM LATE go figure huh,,, I scroll down and you are a great decorator. I love it!!!! k thanks for your keeping check on me I think I just MIGHT be ok... Love the house.