Friday, March 20, 2009


I was pretty embarrassed when I went into google images and typed in Fuck off Friday. My template was sitting on top of the heap. Gawwwwd. Apparently I didn't "invent" it ... I thought I did, but there were many before me. Of course, it's the internet, nothing will ever be original. Well, it ain't. Disclaimer. But, I really didn't expect to see my template there..ewwww. How quick they are to snatch a phrase???

Anywho, so far FOF has been a train wreck. I have been fighting off the flu since Wednesday, and this morning it came and bit me on the ass. So, I have been at home all day. I tried to sleep this afternoon, but I am not one to sleep during the day, I So, I self medicated, and took two Tylenol with codeine. It didn't take long, and I was up and about. I'm talking serious cleaning downstairs. All the dust the carpenters and painters have left down there are GONE. All the furniture has been moved back into place and vacuumed. All the junk has already been taken to a Salvation Army outlet down the street, so I didn't have to do that. And I sewed a pair a curtains for my kitchen. So, this means I am pretty well finished with this project. Tylenol with codeine is obviously a motivator, not a drug.

Until 5:00 PM....when it wore off. Opp's my bum had turned to rubber, and my feet turned to cement. Try walking up a set of stairs with a rubber bum and cement shoes. I did not give up. I said Flu, you will not get the better of me on FOF, I still need to get to the store for some provisions for my family. (yeah like that's true)... I needed "turtles" after dinner snack. So, I plodded around Safeway with my cement shoes, and picked a "3 pack" of turtles, and some other stuff for supper.

I shelpped back to my truck, my feet leaving a tire type trail behind me in the slush, as I never picked them up "once." Got back in and started to drive home. Only to meet the FOF train of hell at the crossing. I swear to God, it had 5,436 cars on it. I sat there, and I sat there..sweating and hoping my cement foot was not going hit the accelerator and ram through the bastard. I did notice one thing.....The Burlington North cars from the US were the most wobbly. Just a heads up to Obama, some of your rail cars could use a grease job... or some kind of stabilization mechanism ...because they were doing a dance. I had my truck in reverse ready to back up in case they derailed. But, of course I would have only hit the 300 hundred people behind me. (okay 10) I exaggerate.

So, in all sincerity, I say FOF, because I feel like shit...and if I feel like crap tomorrow I will do it all over again, except for crossing a railroad track. Or punching a teddy bear.


Brenda said...

Your FOF flu must be catching. I've beem hobbling around with a huge headache and the back door trots all day. Ain't been pretty.

Poolie said...

Oh my GOD! You make me laugh!

Donna said...

Lordy Girl!! Next time you get sick, come clean My house!!!
Geez!!! And I Seriously don't think Obama gives a fig...too busy partying at the Whitehouse and visiting Jay Leno...GADS!!!!!!!!
Drives me NUTS!!!!!
Hope you feel better today sweetie...I'll send Fabio along to wipe your brow...Hahahaa...

JUST A MOM said...

I want to let you know I am gald you check on me.

Anonymous said...

As a former onetime rail commuter, I'll bet they were dead heading the empties. You should count the railcars while you're waiting! ;-)