Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just farting around

How many posts have I started with that title? Probably 120.

I just grabbed my camera and shot shit. And believe me this is not photography at it's best. I'm tired of whining so there!

Spring is messy around these parts. My truck is full of sand and snow. Everything looks so desolate and ugly.

And as I was standing in the hallway taking the picture of the truck outside, I decided to try to take a picture of myself in the closet mirror beside the door. I'm dressed in my Sunday best as you can see. I have my "Ours to Protect" wolf sweat shirt on, plus my Santa pants. Plus the door got in the way, and my winter jacket is tucked in the rungs of the staircase.

Here I decided to be mature and stick my tongue at the internet. All the while wearing my blue suede Elvis slippers.

If I would have been lucky with this one, the door would have obscured me completely. Remind me to take the keys out of the lock before I go to bed.

Penny trying to ignore me. Beotch...

More dismal looking landscape.

And yet some more.

The patio table and chairs are ready to go......I just have to clean up the lights and stuff I have stuffed in the chairs, plus Clive and Vagina the Mooses are tucked in there too until I can get them back in the shed for summer.

I can't kill this plant. I have cut it down at least 15 times in 2o years...and it always come back and grows right up to the ceiling. I cut it down to four leaves a month ago...and look at her now.

I hid Penny's ball in the bathtub, she thinks it's in the sink. Sometimes I hide it there. I like to fuck with her head. She loves to to play hide and seek with her ball. She always finds it in the end unless I make it a little to difficult...like this

I closed the shower doors after I threw in the tub. You can see she knows I messing with her head.

Then she saw a bug. And forgot about her ball. Nahhhh that's a lie, I pulled the ball out of the tub and threw it...so she was just about to run for it.
And then we had hot pot roast sammiches with gravy for supper with carrots and peas on the side. It was soooo good.
There, this is so much better than "gvetching" about stuff.


gemmak said...

Love the 'I shot shit' phrase! hehe....and SNOW, you still have snow! :o)

Anonymous said...

And lotsa 'white space' too!


Poolie said...

Oooooh! I gonna write an entry in your honor! Just for you!

Anonymous said...

Do you always leave your keys in your door? Now I have to worry about you being stolen in the middle of the night!

Anonymous said...

Do you always leave your keys in your door? Now I have to worry about you being stolen in the middle of the night!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I said that twice. Whaddya gonna do about it?!

Donna said...

I Loved "The Tin Man" in the tree and you look Lovely, My Dear! I Love all the photos!! Thanks for the tiny "tour" of the new paint job!! Pretty!!!!hughugs

LA said...

Hi! Popped over from Poolie's and don't want to be a nasty lurker. ~LA

JUST A MOM said...

hey that is a pretty damn clean mirror you used for thsoe pictures... I could use you around here....

thanks for checkin on me.