Sunday, March 01, 2009

Momma's tired

I've been trying to put my house back together.

I finally have the top half of the house painted, and now I can at least try to put it together. Clean, dust, vacumn, and do laundry. The highlite of laundry day was after we came back from brunch with my good friend "hippy chick"....Gord insisted on having a huge apple pancake at the Pancake House. First of all I warned him of the calories, but he dismissed my fears. As we were leaving he mentioned that he should have gone to the bathroom before we left. I agreed, because I was feeling a little crappy myself. So, I drove home really fast. When we got out of the truck I said "whoever gets to the door first wins." I won. I got to the bathroom first. He was waiting in the kitchen. Once I got out of there, he rushed in.....only to find his fhart...turned into a massavie stain in his shorts.

I didn't know this, because I was already in the bedroom sorting out my laundry because it was laundry he walked in the bedroom, and showed me his shorts....I didn't need to see a fart stain.....Penny was really interested tho. Yum, shit, let me smell that. I, however put the shorts way down in the laundry see... no.. happen. We really shouldn't go out to eat....because when we do...we shit our pants!! Let that be a lesson.

I really, really love the way the paint turned out. All my fears are put to rest. It's beautiful. It looks so calm and peaceful in here. Once I put the living room back together....I went out and bought a shit pile of assessories to make the room come together. I didn't even know what I wanted, but I thought I would buy everything that I thought looked good and try it, and bring back the stuff that that didn't. And you know, that is a really good thing to do. It saves so much time running to the store to find "something"...and as it happened not too much is going back. A few things. I will make another run this weekend...only because this is so much fun.

I now have a phobia about putting a hole in the wall to put up a picture. THAT has never been my problem before. Now I'm going to have to measure ... but I no likey measuring...that is why GOD gave you eyes. Right? Aim, hammer in the nail, hang, then "bob is your uncle"... Swift justice.

All we got left now is our bedroom and bathroom to paint. So, this weekend should be the end of my cleaning and purging. The pile is high "of the purge." When you see all your wordly belongings sitting in the centre of a room the painter can really have to step back and think of why in the fricking hell do you want to keep sofa cushions from a sofa you threw out...why did I SAVE them? I dunno, maybe because Gord farted on them, and I wanted the memory to linger on. Strange.

I also have the family newsletter on my plate. I started it yesterday, but OMG everyone is sending pictures and stuff in different formats....I think I bit off a little more than I can chew this month.

I'm making pan fried fish today and oven fried tators...with salad... and it's calling me now. Sorry for being so lax of late, but once the house is finished I can't wait to show it to you. I even cleaned baseboards this weekend...It's a little further down than I like to go. it's time for an oil change for me. I tried to inject some WD40 into my knees, but I couldn't push that plastic nozzle through my skin....note to the makers of WD40...put a needle in that sucker.

I even cleaned my keyboard.....I had enough shit in there to feed my dog for a week. Note to self: You are a pig.


Brenda said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! I'll bet it looks fabulous!

What is it with men and all that sharing stuff? I've never had to share the drawers yet but I get the detailed descriptions sometimes.

Nicole said...

How lovely to finally be getting your house back into order.
And men! My husband is the same way...sharing WAY too much.

Judy said...

I never have understood why men want to share all the episodes of their bodily functions--in minute details! If they could only get that close to sharing other emotions and feelings--we might all be happier?

Donna said...

Anxiously awaiting photos! I'll bet it's beautiful!
Poor Gord!Hahaaaa....
Happy day to you Joan!hughugs

Anonymous said...

Sounds like ya need to destress/relax a little more.

Do the You Tube..

Hope - based on the WD40 - the timeline is appropriate... ;-)


Anonymous said...

Damn! I need a little WD40 myself..

Wrong link.. I MEANT this one: