Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I just found a shoe box of old scanned files today

It's a whole bunch of pictures I scanned at one point for different reasons. The quality stinks, but ohhhh it was so nice to see them again. I must have done this 5 years ago with my first little scanner. When I discovered scanning I was adamant on scanning every picture in all of my 4,560 picture photo albums. + my moms 8,678 albums for posterity. I was so sure I could do it. As I always do. I take a huge bite of more than I can chew. Then the time factor of it all hits you upside the head, and you mew like a little kitten and say "uncle." MAYBE this wasn't the best idea I ever had.

So this is a junkyard of memories that I scanned. I have a lot more where I scanned pictures for a reason, but this is stuff I totally forgot about.

Welcome to my junkyard of love.

Here I married married a guy with a bow tie in 1972, wearing a velvet suit, and this was a Lutheran Church in Winnipeg not Vegas. Ummm and he wasn't gay.
Here is my dad and I. He never took his tuxedo off until the next morning, because he said, "my daughter only gets married once." ...I think it was the booze talking:) But that was sweet.

Gord's mom and dad's 25th Anniversary..these Lutherans are smiling, but as you will see later when they get married, that is not allowed. Only after 25 smiling allowed.

My favourite picture in the whole world, my grand niece Emerson...who was having a "bad hat day." She was in the middle of a pout. I have this picture on my bulletin board at work, and sometimes when courier guys come in they ask if they can take a picture of it with their cell phones. I'm sure you guys remember it if you have been reading my blog for any length of time.
She looks like one BAD ASS kid.

I have used this little Robin picture almost every year come spring. It makes me hungry.

Penny Loafer, looking like Sophia Loren.

Just a wolf pic I must have liked.

Jokes I was fond of:

A cute bird in a feeder

My boss's boy, getting married on horseback.

My boss's other boy borrowing our "stinking Lincoln" to impress his date for the prom.

A friend of work little grandson...

Nieces, Cheri and Lisa trying to annoy my dog.

I have no idea why I kept this

A really nice thing a friend made for me when I used to belong to PSP groups.

Hippy Chick and nephew Chris at Halloween ... a nun and a Rottweiler. And no, they never married, because he was just a puppy.
AOL...and I had a few fun years ... This is the place I honed my Internet experience in the 90's. It was was like the wicked west in the ole days...everything was possible. Because there were no limits. But, later on it got so bad they had to put a choke hold on the assholes that were stealing passwords etc.

A bunch of our Electricians coming back from the jobsite....after a week out of town. Happy to be home.

SIL with with son Damon just before he was about to take a wife. Doesn't he look like Gord?

Son takes the plunge and takes a wife.

Gordon' great grandparents...Lutherans ...they don't smile.... or sing in church

Gord's Mom and Dad... Lutherans ...still no smiling. I love both pictures, I am sure in those days that your wedding wasn't supposed to be fun. It was something you HAD to do. Seriously, those Lutherans knew how to throw a party after the wedding, it lasted a few days, and there was a lot of home brew and home baked buns. And hangovers.

Damon and Jenn's announcement in the newspaper.

Wiggle Farts........I still miss my Little wiggle farts....she was the most gentle little girl.

Gord, the ELK. In a parade with all the young Chick's in his car. Gawd Don't even get me started on Legions, or Elks clubs. Men shit. But he seems to be loving the attention doesn't he?
First love of my life...Munchie....just looking at this makes me cry...I loved her so much.
Da boys....Gord..the little one to the left and his big bro to the right. In the big city with their leathers on in the 60's And their Jet boots.
This is when I told Gordon we could never have children

And then we did.

Big Guy, my famous goldfish, he even outgrew this tank.. I loved him.

A picture taken for our newsletter at work way back when. If my glasses would have been any bigger they would have covered my lips fortheloveofmike. For some reason my hair looks green.. what's up with that?

Jim, a friend I met on AOL who was in the vietnam war. He was kinda messed up after coming back. We remained friends for quite awhile on the chat site, but he suddenly slipped out of sight, I always wonder what happened to him.
My the 70's...women, drugs, sex and rock and roll. I used to cut his hair. HA

Gordon in Grade 11. HAAAAAAAAAA... See I told you, Lutherans are not allowed to smile.
My bro again when he turned 40. I wasn't cutting his hair anymore.
Gord on his bike when he was 16. He was almost smiling, he probably forgot he wasn't in church.
My Moose Lake, I remember this like it happened yesterday, we thought he caught a huge fish.... and all it was ...was a big boot. We laughed out pants off.
My niece Cheri some 24 years ago, I know I have interneted this picture to death, but I just love how the fire in the fireplace behind her make her look like a devil child.

That's all for the ole shoe box files.... It certainly was fun going through it.


Bobbie said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing, Joan!

Sally said...

I loved looking at your pictures! What's UP with them Lutheran's, I wonder!! :)

Dorie said...

Wonderful photos! I miss those old days on AOL too- used to hang in a couple of chat rooms. Then after they introduced the IM's it got impossible to talk to people without pervs and kids cutting in!
I used to go to a smiley/singing Lutheran church-maybe it depends on the Synod???

Brenda said...

They're all wonderful Miz Joan and I'm sure each one holds a special memory for you of those days. I love looking at old photos. You and Gord are such a Handsome couple!!

Nicole said...

What fantastic pictures! You were a beautiful bride! Loved the doggies...heck all of them!!

Poolagirl said...

An incredible and fabulous entry! I just LOVED it!

Donna said...

MyLORD what a Huge Fish!!!!! I Love this walk down memory lane!!! Lutherans...bahhumbugs!lolol...hughugs