Friday, March 13, 2009

Fuck off Friday

I just made up a new name for my Friday nite post. I hope it doesn't offend. FOF it is!

Tis the eve before the weekend, and I can let down my guard down and let go of the working world and anticipate sleeping in until at least 10:00 AM.

One more weekend of getting the house back together, I am almost there. Garbage is piled up 4 feet high outside our back deck. 25 years worth of shit..going to the landfill, and like I said the last time a lot is going to Value Village. Those Village People are going to have a hay day. I shop there too. I love that place. Now, I have to stop for awhile, because I will probably buy my old stuff back. But I won't buy Gord's suit I threw in there from 1989...or my rocker leather jacket with shoulder pads in it....with studs. nooo I will leave that to memory only.

Time for FOF pizza.


Brenda said...

FOF sounds good to me. Might FO the rest of the week around here.

Hope the pizza was good!

Sally said...


I took a huge amount of things to our Goodwill today, and no I won't buy them back; I'll buy other people's though.

Sally said...

Brenda and I are following each other around tonight! hahaha

Curtis said...

Sounds like a good Friday to me. I really enjoyed looking at the photos.

Donna said...

Excellent "nameage" for Fridays...but I Really don't look forward to Mondays...I'm SO tired of "working"...I keep praying to win the lottery...happy night sweetie!!hughugs