Sunday, September 24, 2006

My very last Patio block adventure..I promise.

THE PATIO IS FINISHED... and so am I. We did all the finishing touches today, and it looks just like it did when we pulled it. There is no joy in that. Except it is about 4 inches higher than it was before, and so are our arms.

It had to be one of the most enjoyable fall days you can imagine. The weather was mild, no wind, some sun and cloudy intervals. Beautiful. Penny was scampering around loving the cool weather, and trying to put her ball in front of us with every step we took. "Throw the ball"!! already you dinks!

She is lucky she didn't get nailed with Mr. CROWBAR. Mr. Crowbar played another important part in today's fiasco, we had three patio blocks to go (it was that close) that were a little Mr. Perfect had to heave them up again, and realign the sand underneath them. Patio block #1 fell in place, and was perfectly level, patio block # 2 did the same. Patio "shit face" block #3 took a dislike to his heaving of the CROWBAR. And broke! This was the last one!!! You know how football player's throw themselves on the ground after they knew they fucked up? That was Gord. It was probably more akin to a guy who was bowling and needed that last strike, but nevertheless, it was heart breaking ...yes it was! This was the last stone, that matched the one's on the patio. The very last.

We sat down at pikinic table and sobbed in each others arms..."so close"..we came "so close"....and then he got up, and threw me down like a rag doll. I KNOW WHERE THERE IS ANOTHER ONE .. HE CRIED. "I put patio stones on the floor of the shed from the same batch we had on the patio, I can steal one from there and use that one, a put the mismatched one in there."..he shouted while he was pissing his pants! Then he uprooted the one from the shed, put it on the patio...a serene feeling came upon the land and the sea's parted. Then all was well with the world. BUT, now...there will be one patio stone in the shed that does match the rest...just how long will he tolerate that ... is the question?

If I have heard the saying "If you are going to do a it right" one more time I will hurl. I say, if there is a job...

1.) Try to ignore it as long as might go away
2.) If you are forced to do a job, just keep on saying "it's good enough" already, just shim it up on the crooked side.
3.) Hire someone!! sheesh!
4.) Get a life.
5.) Get a condo's all over and you will never hear of it again..NEVAR!! If I do, kick my ass and never ever read my blog again, unless...well, nevemind.

I bought some pretty flowers yesterday at Superstore. I was wandering about, in the Linens and such aisle, when I spotted some flowers in a tiny corner. At first I thought they were the plastic type, but as I grew closer I could see they were real. A lady was bending over them and, and as I approched, she said.."have you ever seen such a good deal"? Deal..yeah okay, I'm in!~ She told me that Superstore takes all their overdue date flowers and puts them in this little corner everyday for half or less the price. She looked a little crazy, but I was feeling a little pumped on the fresh flowers thing. I started to rummage about in the flower pile. And as I was reaching in and pulling up some of the bouquets out of the bins, she mentioned that "if flowers are this cheap when you are alive, who needs them when you are dead". Sold, said I and bought a bouquet!! It made perfect sense to me.

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