Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cartoon from the 50's & crowbars

I actually remember this one. We always cried when the dog cried.

Feed The Kitty - Cartoon

I love this one.

Well, just to sum up last night, I got hit with a crowbar. I was just mindin' my bidness and "wham" I got slammed. Okay, Gord's got a different story, but I'm sticking to mine.

As, Mr. Anal Patio Slayer was slaying patio stones last night again (in the dark)...I came out to try to give him a hand. Mishtaken #1.

Mishtaken #2.

Pointed out a level problem in one of the stones

Mishtaken #3.
Getting in the way of the CROW BAR!

Heh...okay to his benefit, he pulled up the offending stone with the crowbar, and as he was trying to position it he (threw) the crowbar.......on my frickin toe. My favorite toe. I swear to god the was aiming at me. I took my dog, my hurt feeling, and my toe in the house and pouted. I am no longer a part of this home improvement project. It's over baby.

Tonight when he came home, and I was sitting out on the back yard playing Texas Hold Em with the dog. (the dog beat me), he came sauntering through the back gate like nothing was wrong. I had my toe all bandaged up (for pity's sake)I mean for.pity's.sake. There was nothing wrong with it, only bruised feelings. So, he sat down at the picnic table and wanted to make some conversation, like .. I didn't mean to hit you with the crowbar!! Cudo's to him for for cuttin to the chase..Because if he wouldn't have I would have had been forced to keep that bandaid on for weeks until my toe fell off in a mess of fungus.

I said, my only wish is, that if you intend to drop the crowbar when the dog or me are in the vicinity, you might give us some warning. "Well" .. ahaa..yeah I wasn't thinking. "I just want to get this shit finished." I got up and smoothed his furrowed brow, and said "patience Grasshopper" and quoted Kahil Gibran "If you cannot work with love, but with only distaste, it's better you should leave your work." We smiled at each other and our planets aligned. We understood each other.

He got up from the table, went to the garage, got out the crowbar and Penny and I went inside before someone else got hurt. It all works out in the end.

the end


ellen said...

I don't remember ever having seen that cartoon before, and I just LOVED it to pieces.

Andie Pandie said...

That story cracked me right up. :)

Mary Lou said...

Cool way to get out of the rest of the work! Hope it isnt broken!

Joan said...

Ellen, I remember it because we always cried if it came on at our "show hall" in Altona before the movie. But were so happy after it all turned out okay. ain't over yet.

Mary saw right through me. HA..nuttin is broken it just bruised my toe, but it caught his attention...and that is hard to do.

Leslie said...

Yowch! Good thing it wasn't broken. For such little things, a smashed toe sure does hurt.