Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It never ends

Hey, internets..how tired are you of hearing about my patio? I'll bet I'm more tired of it than you are..wanna bet? Because we were laying down blocks in the dark tonight. Yes, it was pitch black. We had to do a portion beside the garage that leads out to the front yard that doesn't have a light. I said {we had to do it) no, we did not HAVE to do it, but my dear husband wants to kill himself, so I thought as long as it's dark, I won't have to watch, ... let him go for it. Yeah, he needed my help, so we both watched each other killing ourselves "softly." But we lived to eat some chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sammiches after. So, it wasn't all that bad. But, I'm telling you...nothing else around here is getting laid. nosiree sir. You chose your poison buddy boy!

I found a "treasure" today. A virtual treasure of free blog skins. I want to kiss the kind creator for giving me more choices. He has some real great Christmas skins, I can't wait to use. And it has snowflakes gently falling down on the page. How much better can my life get?? I am still looking for an appropriate fall scene, but the only one I found looked a little too dark.

Well, I would love to sit here and chat, but my arms are about two inches longer than they were before we started with the GD brick shit, I have to got to bed and hope they shorten up before morning...or else my sweater sleeves will be up to my elbows at work tomorrow.


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Mary Lou said...


You stole my CristMoose!