Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm going to get back into computer scrapping

Here are a few I did in 2004 after I found I didn't have the time or computer resources to do it anymore. I loved making them, and am going to get back into it.

Grand niece Chloe.

Another one with her new tattoo's.

Penny's Chair

Nieces at the lake

Penny and her pail

Nephew Chris with the kids

Niece Tammy and her kids

Babee Balonie

The big 61 is looming over my head. Last year I wouldn't let anyone do ANYTHING for my BDay, but this year I'm feeling a little more perky, and made a list of do's and don't's for them:

1. Make me cake..now! I don't care what I said last year! Make it a carrot cake with cream cheese icing. No candles.

2. I want prezzies this year...lot's of them. Money would also be good. Also I'm thinking "Laptop."

3. Take me out for supper...GD it!! I don't care what I said last year, this year I want to go OUT for supper. I want to drink green drinks out of martini glasses. And I want to smear at least two racks of Tony Roma's ribs over my big fat honking face!

4. However, don't take me dancing, just let me fall down drunk, it's all the same thing...dancing and falling. Co-ordination is not my friend.

5. Don't think of taking me to a concert. My ear drums are still bleeding from the 70's thankyou very much.

6. Take care not to sing Happy Birthday to me. I don't like to hear singing after I have eaten half a pig, a carrot cake, and green drinks in my belly, unless you want to get hurled upon. Singing is so out.

7. Okay, I think I can handle it now.

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