Saturday, September 16, 2006

Okay, enough fun already

I know all your sides are sore from laughing at my little attempt pre Christmas humour. But I have been doing some sleuthing today, and I may have scored a halloween template, I am not sure I am smart enough to fart around with the HTML to make it work. But if I can get it to go, I will steal the snowflakes from the other one, and it should be...well... "stupid"..heh...that is the look I'm going for.

The good news it is still raining, AND that means I won't have to be (supervise) laying brick tomorrow...please pray for some rain ... because I don't think my old bones can take another day of that. I am sure our neighbours are tired of our bickering.

Joan the great: Gord! .. you are going to kill yourself, let's take a little break.

Gord: Joan! .. I haven't even lifted a patio stone yet, get the fuck out of my face already! You are driving me bat shit, standing here with 911 on your speed dial. Get your fat ass in gear and let's get this sucker finished.

Joan the great: Oh, so, "like" you want me to help you kill yourself?!

Gord: GDamit..get back in the house and do what you do best.

Joan the great: What would that be darling?

Gord: Leaving me alone..geez...

Joan the great: Done.

Pic's of the patio to follow tomorrow.


Joe said...

You're outragious girl! Hahahahah! I knew you would do it! Have a good Sunday!

ellen said...

A Christmas template, already? And I thought we were ahead of things, hangin a witch decoration on our door today.

Brenda said...

Holy Shit woman! Here I am moaning and groaning, worrying and fretting about Christmas only being 3 1/2 months away and I come ovah here and there's old Santa and Rudolph. I near'bout had a heart attack thinking I was later than shit with my shopping.