Sunday, September 17, 2006

Greetings from the Kitchen of Balonie

Put your feet up, grab a cup of coffee and sit with me a spell.

After all Christmas is over, and now it is time to relax.

The new year is just around the corner.

I think I may be having some mental problems lately, or someone has laced my wine with "speed." But, time sure has been flying!!

Just gimme a few freebee templates and I'm your ho! HA.

You should hear the racket outside, the geese are flying South in record numbers. Good thing I got me a meatloaf in the oven, or I'd be out there trying to snatch one of them for supper!

I was going to put up new pic's today of our weekly Patio Fiasco, but somewhere along the line, I misplaced my usb cable from the camera to the computer. I looked everywhere and I can't find it. I even looked in the fridge, because sometimes, strange things wind up there. It has to be in my truck, or in my purse, or in my underpants, gawd somedays I don't know where I put shit.

Just a quickie...We had three rows to go, it was 2:00PM, we finished two of them already, and then he decided to put more stones UNDERNEATH the deck..UNDER THE DECK..where midgets might roam!! It's only 4 feet high. You will understand if I ever find my USB cable and post a pic. Who walks under a raised deck? That is where one stores junk. Old patio tables with two legs, umbrella's with holes in them, 8765 bones the dog has hidden in the mess, planters that you have long forgotten about, stuff like that! Now, we should give this crap a home with a concrete foundation?...Nay I say.

I say Nay, he says yay..I say nay, he says yay...guess who wins...the guy who can actually carry the stinking things! So, we put more sand down there, whilst cracking our noggins 43 times on the beams underneath it. We now are doing a job that is unbelievably heavy and back breaking, in a space where we can't even stand up in.

On another note: I got a call this afternoon from my niece Lisa, and my bro is back in the hospital. He had shortness of breath last night and his heart rate was waaaaaaaaaaay up, and he was ambulanced to the hospital. He is stable, and still as we speak in there is no room in the inn. Health Care!

Lisa told me he was so pissed off this morning (after he was feeling better) ..there was a woman in the next bed to him who had taken a drug overdose and had been screaming all night, he got up from his bed, opened her curtain, and told her to "shut the fuck up." HA.. That's me bro. Like he needed the stress!!

So, we are still waiting to hear what the outcome will be. He has been in and out of the hospital so often already. I just talked to him on Friday night, and he was doing so good. He had already scheduled surgery for his back problems, so I hope..hope.. he will be okay. He didn't want to see anyone until he gets a room, so, I will hopefully get to see him tomorrow.

So, have you finished your coffee yet? Cozy in here?

Sunday night supper:

Meatloaf Supreme
Macaroni w/three cheese sauce
Beans/corn/peas mixer upper.


Phyllis said...

Good Mornin!
It is really cozy in here. I love the kitchen! Your poor brother. They should've moved the screamer to another section at out the back door!

Brenda said...

I love coming by to visit you, I never know what I'll find except good folk. Thank you for giving me a few more weeks before I have to start stressing about that old fat fucker in the red suit. (grin)

I say take a stick of dynamite to those danged patio stones, let them rest in pieces!

P.S. Send Gord to the store or something before you light the fuse though.