Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's the Labour Day long weekend, time to pull up the bootstraps and get ready for winter. I wish. I'ts still so hot here every day, I just wish Gawd would stop it already. Nary a breeze. But, iffin we get a breeze he makes sure it's a good one and dang near blows the roof off!! The guys got a sense of humour.

Did you know the movie "Saving Nemo" is about a little orange fish? I am sure you do...but where have I been? I heard about it but never paid attention + I don't watch a lot of movies. I always assumed it was some kind of war "Saving Private Ryan" I paid me no attention. I just watched it. But I am a fishy lover so I could so totally relate. Remember when my "big guy" went to rainbow bridge last year?

I'm thinking about pulling up stakes. Moving out of this house. We have had plans to move before, and building a new house. But I wasn't ready. I was one stubborn mule. I dug in my heels, and wouldn't even listen to reason. But as I started to think about's time to let this one go after 20 years. Let's just move on. There are no more memories to make here that are of importance to me anymore. I'ts all been done. Mom and Dad are gone..nieces and nephews are getting on with their lives... it's time for me to give it up. Gord is the the type of guy who always wants to start over in a new place, and I am the nagging bitch....whining..."this is my home" blah blah.... I'm telling myself to get over it already you crybaby!!

It would be clean slate. Not that I can erase the all the hardships that happened here, and also I will never forget the good times, but at least not eveything will be a reminder of what was. Andie Pandie mentioned something similar in her blog, and it struck a nerve in me. Let the old shit go already, and get on with it. Because you can't bring them back, no matter how much you pay homage to thier lives. And I think I have been stuck there for a long time, and I have to get out of my rut and pay more attention ..of what is now. For us...

We will still host Christmas, for the family no matter where we live, but I would appreciate it if my nephew Damon, kept his pecker in his pants, three girls is enough for gawd's sake. Two children per couple is acceptable, but if you go for three, you are pushing it for the "grands." just saying...

While I hast yer attention, I have some pic's of Penny in her concrete playground today.. and some udder shit...
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oops..just having a peek from my hiddy hole.

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I put the ball in the tree and she grabbed it from underneath the patio stones!

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I feel sorry for the real flowers, because long after they are dead the smily face pail will live on along with phoney flowers beneath him. You can never have too many plastic flowers, God bless you Wal Mart.

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The dump cake that took one. I have made a few dump cakes in my life, but this one took a life of it's own, it just kept on getting bigger and bigger. A piece of it fell off into the oven...notice the piece missing in the front. I had to take it out of the oven, because I was concerned about the well being of our planet..I let it cool and then threw it along with it's foil cake pan in a black garbabe bag. So much for recyling.
I can't see anyone eating that shit except Barbie.

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