Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Going into work today

I knew this was going to happen:

Employee: Joannie, what happened to your lip? Did you cut yourself shaving?

Joannie: HA HA.. no, you prick, I was shaving my legs when my razor slipped and it cut my upper lip... in two places. The good news is, that it took off my moustache by mistake.

I have two nasty red marks on one side of my upper lip, but it was due to a rake incident, that went bad. I look like Wayne Newton with half a moustache.
Danke Schoen. I'll be playing Vegas this weekend, don't miss my show.

This patio thing is not going well at all. Someone is going to get hurt. And someone is too frigging cheap and stubborn to let qualified people do it. I rest my case.

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