Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm not pregnant but I have something in the oven

A chicken!!

I'm just not tall enough to pull the feet of the 6,000,000 geese flying overhead. So, chicken she be.

I have to fix my pic, it's a little pixelated.

With is template you would expect "Martha" stuff..no. I just like the journal look to it.

Gord is outside on the patio....frickin..brickin again. There is no end in sight. NOW, he realized we had made a mishtaken on Sunday and the "few" patio stones we..ahem broke..in our fever to end this tragedy don't match the patio stones we had stashed away in our garage. God forbid!! For my part, they are all grey and ugly, who gives a hairy rats ass if the pattern doesn't match? Gord does. Oh.yes.he.does. Very much so. I don't want to talk about it anymore..never. But I will, just you wait.

I saw the cutest Looney Tunes 50's cartoon today on YouTube today, and I wanted to share it, but the YouTubes, who say you can "instantly" put it on blogger are wrong. Wrong, very wrong. Unless I am a YouTube challenged individual. That is a possiblity I admit. When they asked me to put in my blogger U/N and P/W I did it. Like the little good do-be I am. And then it just keeps on working but nothing happens. The little green lights at the bottom keep rolling over and over, and I never get passed that. At this point I don't care if I ever get it on my blog, but GD..it.. I want to know if I am an idiot, or they have problems!! The help centre doesn't address this. Sheizzzzz. who needs more stress, but it was soooo cute, you would have loved it. I will figure it out...JimBob??? heh..remember to speak in my language ..dumb!

Over and out...balonie


Brenda said...

Want me to send up this here 12 ga. shotgun for your goose roasting future?

Joan said...

Brenda...yeahhhh sounds like a plan. It might be a problem getting that big boy across the border with all our gun laws and such. Just ship the bullets, and I will throw them at the geese, they fly pretty low. And of course my bird dog Penny will retrieve them. Problem solved! Dinner on Sunday good for you?

JimBob said...

Dunno Joan, possibly it's the shockwave player downloading.

Here's a link to an example..
(View source to look)


Now, gotta ask about that Bad News Hughes comment I read???

Joan said...

JimBob, I thought that was you. Sometime ago I saved something in my "fav"s and it said JimBob on it, so I thought it was your blog. It said Bad News Hughes JimBob. Normally you don't leave an address, so I just assumed it was and left a message. Just wanted to touch base with someone who leaves comments on my blog.

JUST A MOM said...

thsi one is pretty cool is that your kitchen, HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAAA would be nice huh