Friday, September 08, 2006

I have gas

Yes I do. Please turn off your computer if you don't want to hear anymore of this, I certainly don't want to offend you but I need to note this for posterity. The day the gas started! September 06 ..whatever..I don't have a calendar in front of me, but my computer shows the time as 8:25 PM. That will be very helpful when I have to read this again in a year or so.

Okay, so it started yesterday, after I made a dish of ground beef, mushroom soup, and onions. And, was going to serve it over egg noodles, along with a side of peas. I had just purchased a new "grinder up" of veggies appliance at Superstore. Sooooooo I put a pile of onions in it and mixed it all about. They turned out fine. So, I put in some more, and did it again. God, I think I had about a cup on finely chopped onions chopped...only because it was fun. So, as not to waste..I put them all in the hamburger and mushroom mix, along with various seasonings.

I was fine until this morning, when I was burping them on the other side..heh.. and had to make a mad dash to the "can." Okay, that was fine, I went to work etc. Then I came home for lunch and decided to have the leftovers..fortheloveofadinkhead! How stupid can one person be. I even nuked it in the bedroom. Ha. BTW, I love this microwave, it has one of those turntables in it and does a much better job than know who...he would be hurt if he read this. So, end result, I ate another plateful of noodles and mushroom beef that contained a pound of chopped (very fine) onions. My afternoon at work was to say at the least...loud. My stomach, was making the most gross noises you could possibly imagine. GRRROWWWWWEWWWWAAA..and it wouldn't quit. My bosses office is just beside me, and I tried to pretend that I was not farting. I wasn't. But the noise was very similar. I turned up my radio. I walked up and down, pretending I was doing something else, just to get out of his range. Finally I went to the bathroom and had it out with the beef, onion, mushroom mess. It wasn't pretty.

Even after I came home, I felt crappy, but I think I have learned my lesson. Just because you CAN grind the onions there is no need to put them all in one recipe. I never had this problem when I chopped onions myself, I didn't get greedy. Why? because it's work to chop them by hand!!

Well, it always good to know that even when you are getting older, you can still learn new lessons. gotta go...>>>>>>> it's not over yet!!

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