Sunday, January 05, 2014

Did a little makeover in here today.

Happy New Year...out with the old and in with the new!  I plan to expand "The New House" link because so much has changed here after that was posted. But, just as I was doing that the power went off and killed it.  It is -40 effing degrees below here ....people... I almost shit my pants.  It happened at 6:00 PM ..and I was running around trying to find candles, batteries, flashlights and my portable radio ... and it came on again.  This went off and on 5 times...just as I was about to panic.... 5 times was the lucky charm..... I finally was able to put my casserole in the oven and not worry about heat. 

I understand how difficult it was for those people in Ontario with the ice storm now...mind you they don't have our temps...but when it's dark, cold, and you don't know where the heat will be coming from it is very scary.  We have a gas fireplace....and it was on...but once the power went off..soo did it....well what the fuck good is that?  I thought it would stay on?  I guess if Gord would have been home he could have relit it....?  I have no idea.  We are spoiled rotten ... aren't we? Our ancestors would be laughing in our faces. 

So ... with that out of the in the heck is everyone?  I see most of you on facebook so I pretty well know what's shaking.  I spent a lot of the day reading my old blogs....or essays....good gravy I was long winded... and said nothing about a   Play time every night when I came home from work in those days.

I had to get used to some of the new stuff around blogger......but I'm not near as anal as I used to be about the appearance of my blog.   Words are the best... I no longer care about the rest.  Okay just a was always a challenge and I liked that.  Taking a step back. 

See youse guys again soon :)



Sally said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL!! So glad you're back; missed your posts and of course the FBomb. My daughter told me if I had gone to the biker bar; I'd have heard that a lot and run out of the place. But, I explained I have friends who use it (of course relatives too). LOL

Keep up posting would you? xoxo

Sally said...

Love the new house of course. Look forward to more.

On the gas fireplace; wouldn't there be a pilot light. What do I know though, never had one.


Judy said...

No the gas fireplace will not work as it probably has an electrical connection to light it--you just have carbon monoxide coming out of it. and the blower wouldn't work either--electrical. Now you know why I worried when my kids were without power for 7 days!! Even this old country girl would have panicked!! Please keep posting--I don't get near enough "in depth" reading on your FB posts!! LOL

Brenda said...

Love the blue skies and the thought of flying somewhere. It looks great.

If you keep writing, we'll keep reading!

Brenda said...

P.S. The gas logs in my fireplace work when there is no electric. ?

Joan said...

I know... I just never experienced it it all figured out now.

Donna said...

Yep. the clicker is electronic...You could have lit it. Get Gord to show you's easy.
Like the new look in here!!!