Sunday, November 13, 2016


Well, well, well ... look at me ... blogging.  It took me half an hour to figure out how to do it again.  I took the advice from an old friend who reminded me of the blogger she liked to read that I once was .. which made me look at what I had become since then.  Yes, I believe I have become a FB rat!  lol.  All caught up in pictures of kittens, getting involved in stuff that doesn't really concern me, and even posting a picture of my dog's poop!  I have sunk pretty low ... but the dog poop picture still makes me laugh!!  So, I thought I would take the leap and see if I still know how to put more than 3 sentences together.

I was just reading the last posts I wrote which now seems so long ago.  If anything blogging triggers a lot of memories I had forgotten.  It's nice to put a date to an event ... and go... wow did that happen eg. in 2011?  Ain't it funny how time slips away?  (I bet you won't get that song out of your mind all day now).

Well, it has only taken 5 years and we are all settled in the new (now old house).  We didn't have a clue what building a home was all about and how many things could go wrong.  If I had to do it again I would buy a house not build the sucker.  The house itself was mostly completed, but then there is landscaping, a driveway to put in (and remove two years later).. long story, a new patio, a shed, etc.  Every year there was a new project .. and they never went well lol.  But finally, it is all done. Gord just finished putting the final touches in his garages and workshop. He has a sound system in there that almost blows out the windows in the living room.  My god!!  No wonder when I talk to him he always replies ... what?

A lot of shit has flown through my life that I never mention on FB because all my relatives and friends read it.  This seems safe again.  I'm not a person who likes her business on FB... but needs a place to vent with old friends if need be.  You guys were always there for me.  So I think I will start a blog on a Monday... keep it through to Friday with my thoughts.  I know if I feel the pressure of writing something every day .. I won't.  But I have to admit this feels good today... thanks, Donna..

My heart is heavy for my bro... he has been fighting diabetes for many years and has been on dialysis for almost three.  This week he has been diagnosed with cancer ... not sure what or where... but in his chest or lungs and tests are being done.  He has flat lined at least three times when he couldn't breath and they have always brought him back.  He is a fighter.. but with cancer ... that fucker takes it's toll.. most of the time especially when you are weak.  So, I am preparing for the best and the worst before Christmas.. 

Penny Loafer is doing good ..turned 17 yesterday... she has vertigo issues... but as long as she get's up from a nap and follows the hallway to the door ...she is good.  Man.. she is partially deaf but still can hear her squicky ball .. and tries to run for it...and she does.

I have gone on long enough ... and so enjoyed talking to each and every one of you that are still here.  I will send you a private message on FB to let you know I am blogging again.  



Sally said...

You can't know how happy I was to see you had posted this morning, Joanie. I sure have missed you. I'm like you and don't put important *or much* stuff on FB. I use it mostly to see pics of relatives and friends I hardly see anymore.

I'm so sorry about Gary, Joan. Not on FB either, but my brother Mike has cancer also; I'm sure hoping the surgery got it all. It was in his colon; he's lost so much weight. And, yes as sisters we worry. :(

Come back soon and especially let us know how Gary is. But, don't ask me about my bro on FB. My sis-is-law is on there, and quite worried also.

Love you bunchs!

Donna said...

Well look at you! You did it! Love that you posted but not such good news... I am SO sorry about your brother Joan. I hate the C word with a passion! Will be praying for both of you and also Sallygirl it seems! Goodness, it's everywhere.
And thanks for the mention dear lady...never forget "WeBuddies!"
and you are loved....
I'm with you and Sally...I never put personal info on FB...but I think to mention things on our blogs is a bit different. I think this is where we all really "found" each other and it is more private.
Your plan for blogging sounds great. Now if only I would do as well!Hahaa
I'm lucky to get a post done once a month lately! Bad Donna!
Well, glad you're just keep it up girlie!

Brenda said...

I'm so sorry to hear the news of you brother's illness. I know how much you love him and when sickness comes it makes us fell so helpless when we can't fix our loved ones. I'm so happy you are here again. Perhaps it will give me a push in the blogging direction again too. I know I miss it and my blog buds too. You have become family!!

Judy said...

This is a safe place to vent or rage or cry or whatever. Lots of things we don't want put on FB. My son also has cancer--never mentioned or even hinted on FB. It's best this way.Glad you let me know that you're back!