Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I have no new pictures of my house

Because I'm not going there until it's finished.  Surprise me when I move in.

Okay... I might drop in ... but I am preparing for an Open House this Sunday on our home.  I have a lot of work to do in the garden because I bought 10 bags of chocolate brown mulch to spread on the surface.  The shit is...it's 5,000 degrees outside.  I don't ever remember a heat wave like this.  It is supposed to cool off tomorrow.  Our grass is crisp.  It looks like hay.. I need a cow.

I still have so much to do before Sunday and yet I cannot get my ass out of bed before 9:30AM....and am grouchy until 10:30AM....until the coffee kicks in....then I read a few blogs...then make lists of things to do in the afternoon.  By afternoon I mean 2:00PM  because Gord comes home for lunch at 12:30/1:00 and by the time I get my ass moving the day is almost gone.

It's all fine tuning actually.  The house has been painted, windows washed, garden pruned, carpets cleaned, it all about the little things.  Polishing the cupboards downstairs, railings, try to keep the dog groomed because it is shedding season...and the hair!!!!!  everywhere.  Arranging all my cluttered kitchen  cupboards ... because I tend to let things go there.  I gotta wash all the bathroom floors, and kitchen... vacuum the rest of the house ... yawn....I can't take this shit.

I spent about one hour today looking for the survey certificate for our property.  I could have done that anytime last winter...but noooooooo I leave it until the last moment.   I seem to get some kind of thrill out of time lines and trying to make them.  I have always been that way.  Loser.

I would like to make the house smell better for the open house on Sunday.  But as it is now we have to have everything closed up because of the heat wave......no fresh air.  Just the A/C. It smells like us in here.. a little funky ... my dog doesn't have a dog smell that I notice like some dogs do...but others may.   I have placed 4 unscented fresheners around the house because I don't want it to seem to be covering up my love of cooking with garlic and onions.   Do I bake a nice banana bread in the morning before the showing?  Would that be too obvious?  And just say......oh yeah our home always smells like vanilla and banana .. you will love it here!  Those smells are part of the purchase price.

I will at sometime have to explain why I laid sixteen floor tiles on top of regular flooring in my laundry room.  At an odd angle. Experiment gone wrong. And those buggers won't come off...The flooring in the laundry room is beige...I laid sixteen tiles on top of that leading into the room.  For no other reason than that I had them left over from tiling the entrance way to the house.  They are dark brown tiles so I thought it might look like a little carpet.  Apparently I may have over estimated my HGTV skills.  Or... I am cheap.  I have already carpeted over the tiling I put in the entrance way...because I was not good at it and the tiling separated and looked like sheeeeit. 

By the looks of it now...we are in for a thunderboomber.  I am not surprised with all this heat.  I get so crazy with the heat because I am just not used to it. I am so thankful for AC.....

Just a note:  Baby bro is still at home and holding his own.  He is managing his diabetes quite well. Although many changes have to be made from taking med's to insulin.  It's a new ball game.  But he is loving every minute being at home instead of the hospital.

Okay...so I never post anymore and here I go and talk your ass off....only because it's too fricking hot out there to sit on the deck and play on my IPad.  Kidding.... You know it's really crazy because I thought once I retired I would have all this time to blog.  I wouldn't have to worry if it was late at night or would have to get up early in the morning for work. But it turned out I was pretty burned out by trying to do both.  Or was I ??

I'm pretty sure I was just a jerk... because we all know I like the deadlines.  I have no excuse for not posting other than my fingers like doing other things....like picking my nose, pruning a rose, taking a doze, ..yeah that's about right.


cocoabean said...

My mom baked bread or cookies right before they showed their house, and that was on the advice of the real estate agent. So yes, banana bread would be a good idea!

judemiller1 said...

I don't get moving until after 2:00--all my appointments are at 2:30 or later. I thought that was a requirement of getting the government check each month--sleeping in until 9:00, then computer time, then lunch, then soap opera. Have I been doing it wrong?

Spray Febreez on all furniture coverings, drapes, bedspreads, carpets. Don't smoke inside from now until after the open house. You can also buy one of those solid scented air freshners--vanilla--and take out one of your air registers and put it into the duct--it spreads all through the house that way--on the waves of air from the A/C.

Good luck with the open house!!!

Sally said...

Or, chocolate chip cookies.

I get up at 7:30 most every day, and sit at this computer until - let me see; it's now ll a.m. I'm a slug these days.

Best of luck with the open house!

Grandma K said...

Back in my former life I was a real estate agent. Absolutely - bake banana bread - or just put a bit of vanilla in a pan on low in the oven. Makes the house really pleasing.

Your mornings sound like mine. I don't get to things until about 1. I used to make all appointments the first thing in the morning because that meant if the other appointments went over ... Now I hate those. I think I would just as soon sit and use their a/c to stay cool!

JUST A MOM said...

just take your time,,, grap soem already made cookies and toss them in the micro,, works.... good luck on the open house.

Donna said...

Sorry I'm late...I feel so dumb whining about moving ONE little bedroom when you have to move a whole house!!! I do Not envy you That!!!
SO glad Brother is coming along nicely! I know how scared you must have been!
Blogging DOES get away from you doesn't it?!! We just get busy I guess...I think I even missed my blogaversary...I'll have to look...pitiful!
Have a super day Joan!