Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The scoop

Thanks for wondering what the heck happened to me.  But we are in the final stages of packing and moving and the builders are in the final stages of finishing it off.  It's fine line my friends, especially because the builders ran into problems with our wood flooring.  A lot of it was put in three weeks ago or longer, but as time went by the installers were unsure about it.  It popped when you walked on it.  It cracked when you walked on it.  First of all they said it would go away..... in time...just like when you buy a pair of shoes too small...."they will wear in".. in time.  Yeah right.  it didn't happen and we had experts coming from all over Canada testing the humidity levels in the house, and they decided that their product was great...it was the fault of the humidity of the house.  Now you got a fight going on between the supplier and the retailer and the contractor....meanwhile we have to get into this house by next Wednesday.  (insert the F word here).

Today we were told the old flooring that was laid down would be removed and new and better Engineered flooring will be put in its place tomorrow.  So they have until next Wednesday  before we move in to complete a lot of tasks.  Not just this one.  I am a little disappointed, but we gave them so much time to do stuff, but once shit came to shove...like when we sold our house with a possession date of Oct. 1...they had to move their butts.  I am sure it will all work out fine, but I am really, really tired of building the fucking house.  I just want to live there.

Our house is totally move ready.  We got Gord's big work trailer in the front driveway and tomorrow my niece and her big man friends will be helping us move all the boxes from the house into the trailer. Because we were unsure of the timeline of the move our movers couldn't guarantee they could move the entire house the same day because they were booked up.  So we got the trailer and we will move all the boxes in there and the movers can pick up everything from our house and take all the stuff from the trailer when we bring it there. Good lord.

I met the new owners on Sunday.  They will be buying most of my furniture so there won't be much to move other than TV's, our  bedroom furniture ...comfy chairs... AND the WATER BED.  heh...  I really had to laugh when the people were here to look over the furniture, and their younger boy about 10 I would think had a fit.....he wanted the waterbed.  Haaaaa..  The Mom said ..no...we don't need a waterbed, and he said ..."it's so cool"... as he pressed his hands on it and watched it go up.. and down....then he cried a little and got over it when I promised to show him all the hiding places he would have in the lower level.  He loved it.  His mother will never find him!!!!  He was one cute little guy. At one point when we were negoiting prices for the furniture...he said... Mom don't spent too much because you promised me guitar lessons this year.  God bless his little cheap heart. He totally forgot about the waterbed.

So, yeah this is about all I can tell you.  I think I have taken pictures of the house since the last time I updated my house file.  I will look to see if I can find them.  This shit takes some serious crap out of you.  I am almost embarrassed by how long it has taken.

We have a beautiful house.....and the cutest taps in the world in the bathroom....I can't even remember choosing them...it was so long ago.

FYI...spell check is not working tonight some things never change around here.

I also tried to put pics up in my house blog...but it just kept on spinning the pics around before I could catch them....what's up with that?   I will try again tomorrow.

My feets are tired.....cramping all night from all the walking I'm doing...need better shoes. Or ice-cream.


judemiller1 said...

This post was well worth the wait!!! I love the 10 year old kid--have a grandson his age who would love a water bed! I know you are tired Joanie--but soon-soon you will be all moved in and be able to relax. I figure you might have it all configured by Christmas? HAH!!! Actually I am soooo jealous!!!

Sally said...

Thanks for the update! I hope the new floors do the trick, and you love them!

Little boys are so funny. However, I do hope you won't be getting phone calls from his mom looking for him in the hidey holes. You crack me up!

Looking forward to the pictures, and to you having some rest once you get all moved in. :)

Donna said...

Hope the move goes well! This should teach you a lesson to ever build and move again, LOL!

Donna said...

A little Vino...and you maybe should look in those hiding places...Hahaaa