Thursday, September 29, 2011

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I'm tired, but not sad anymore.  I'm there.  I'm ready.

Poor Penny Loafer is a little confused with all the going ons.  All the stuff is gone!  Well, not exactly gone, because we have sold a lot to the new owners (which I think is actually keeping her sane) because if it would be totally empty before we go tomorrow she would be a little cranky. But, she knows something is up.  Even Gord and I found it a little odd tonight because we could not sit on our comfy chairs after supper and watch the news.  We sat at the kitchen table (which is staying in the house) and didn't know where to go from there.  Dog sat in the barren TV room waiting for some ear scratching time. Gord had a shower went to bed...I sat down at my makeshift desk to type to this post. Dog is still waiting. 

We were 90 percent done yesterday, we would have been 100 percent done if my husband was not a hoarder...even the moving people could not believe the shit he keeps.  Sure I kept some stuff....but OMG...a garage and two sheds of "what ifs"... he promised to go through it at the new house and purge, but once a tool junkie always a tool junkie.  How many tools do you need?  How many tool boxes do you need?  Gawd.  He loves throwing my shit away. I don't even have much anymore, I have done the purge.  Every year in fall he goes through the garage (full of his shit) and his two sheds and re-arranges them.  Because if they look neat you might not realize he has a problem.  Snow blowers, snow plows, roto tillers, motorcycles...etc. the list never ends.  But, it never fails....never ever....he comes across my old fishing kit and rod and says...well you never fish anymore let's chuck this!  Seriously that is the only thing I store in the garage.  The rod and kit takes about 12 inches of space.   And every year I explain it means something to me because my dad and I always fished together and maybe one day I may or may not take it up again, but if I do I have the tools I need to do it. This has gone on for years and years.  Today, as the movers were moving the last bits out of the garage...Gord called me into the garage and asked if I wanted to keep my old rod and fishing kit. WELL FUCK.... sometimes you want to take a bat and smack him.  What part of what I have said over twenty years did he not understand.  I guess he thought I would get over  using 12 inches of his real estate.  I just gave him the "look".... no talking was necessary... and on the truck it went. Sometimes I just have to shake my head. least he build a 4 car garage to store the stuff he had in a double garage and two sheds.  I'm wondering if there will be enough room for my rod and kit....or hey...maybe my car!!!

I am having a little fun at his expense to be sure...I will let you know when it's all done and said.

Looking forward to tomorrow and a new beginning in a new neighbourhood. 


judemiller1 said...

Just think--when you wake up Sunday morning you will have a new view out your windows. And a nice view. Enjoy this time Joanie and the years to come in your new home.
(I am still jealous!)

Donna said...

Can't believe it's "time" already...I Know you three will Love it...and None too Soon! Winter is a coming!
Enjoy but don't pull anything out!Lolol

JUST A MOM said...

I am so excited for you,, have I said that before??? well I AM!!!!

Paxie said...

KEEP the fishing stuff and hit hubby with a bat.

Enjoy this time and I know you'll enjoy the new house :)

Sally said...

You're so funny!

Much happiness in your new home, Joanie!


Barb said...

Does your husband have a brother who was put up for Adoption in 1962? If so, I married him. I'd swear you were talking about the same man.

Brenda said...

May the new home fairy light upon your roof and bring you loads of joy and happy days in your new house.