Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day effd up

Before my valentine came home on Wednesday I decided to make him a card on my computer inviting him to lunch the next day. Valentines Day at 12:30.  After he went to bed I snuck in his truck and left it on his seat.

Next morning rolled around ... and he got all showered and dressed and went into the garage .. and I was still in bed....waiting... he roared back into the bedroom....OMG ... I thought he was so excited with prospect of having lunch with me......but...he had left his cell phone on the charger...god forbid.

As he left he bade me Happy Valentines day because he saw the envelope on the seat of the truck.... I bade him as well.  I thought he had read the card. He never did until I called him around 10:30 and called him just of make sure we had a date:

Hi... I just realized that the restaurant I picked for lunch today was part of a huge Media thing for the Health Science Centre and we will never get a seat.

ahem.....clearing his throat and thinking of how to respond....because he did not read the fucking card. And said WHAT? 

Joan:  I told you in the card where we would meet for lunch.

Gord:  Yessssss I have it right here, but I was too busy to read it just yet.

Joan:  Then I guess I would have been sitting in the parking lot waiting for you...until when?  When hell freezes over?

Gord:  Well ... it's good thing you called so we don't have to sit and wait for lunch.

Joan:  Well it's a good thing you aren't here right now...because ...I would have kicked you ass!

So that my friends is how we communicate... like animals. 

That evening he brought in the sad looking envelope and card which looked like it had tire tracks over it.. And wished me a happy Valentines day.

Haaa ... It's all good. 


Donna said...

Oh I'm sorry Joan... Men are buttheads.....
I told mine, you love me?
Well yeah?!! He says.
Good, love you too and you do realize all this talking didn't cost us a dime....
We laughed and felt like we'd beaten the consumer rat race...
Sweet night Miz Joan

judemiller1 said...

Men!! Can't get along with them and just can't shoot them--or wait--maybe?

Sally said...

well, okay then. :(


Joan said...

Along with the ratty valentines day card yesterday he also had a huge pizza in it was all good!

BlazngScarlet said...

Ain't love grand?! ;D

Brenda said...

Next time tell him you need new commode seats. :-)

I know you love that old fart though, doncha?