Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday is still my favorite day

Even though I'm not slugging it out there in the corporate world, Friday is still the best day of the week. I can't tell you why. It just is.

This week has been like all the others...full of "what do I do now". So I took the bull by the balls and started to de-clutter my house for our move later this year. The bathroom alone took two hefty garbage bags. I had so much crap stored in the drawers, under the sink, and in the medicine cabinet that would have made a grown man cry. Most of it was useless crap. How many bottles of Listerine do you need? The expiry dates were way past due. Hair products, I never used, cosmetics I never used, I even found some tampons.....well that was awhile ago. Everything gets shoved to the back until it's falling out the front. Now that I have time to do the inventory it has grown very sparse.

Keep it simple stupid... We now have only soap, toilet paper on one side and on the other is your know...stuff...yes I have a few things I like...bubble bath stuff and all that crap. But for the most part it is all gone. I hope nobody gets sick here.....because I removed 25 years of medication out of the medicine cabinet. Yeah yes I exaggerate.....but it's all gone. I'm going to do this with every room between now and when it's time to leave.

We have a meeting with the designer of our home on Wednesday. I am not prepared. I have to know what I want and don't want. I have to realize we are really going to move away from our neighbourhood. It's time I put my big girl hat on.....and move on. and get off my freaking ass.

balonie....putting a fire cracker under her ass.


Brenda said...

I need to do that to my house too, sigh, but it's so hard!

You'll do fine when you meet the designer, I bet you already have in mind exactly what you want so just give them guidance.

Sally said...

I didn't realize that it would actually be "this year" when ya'll move. Good gracious!! I need to clean out some crap around here, but with THREE other girls at the moment, I'll wait until they leave and then grab a shovel. :)

Donna said...

Are you going to have them build you a Wonderful office?? How fun planning would be!
I Also need to...shovel stuff out...what a pain!
Happy weekend Miz Joan!

judemiller1 said...

I moved 5 times in 5 years so I got rid of all that "stuff". The place I live now, has no room for stuff, so that keeps me simple. I am so envious!!! I so want a different house. Over the last couple of years I have poured over house plans and floor plans and know exactly what I want and where I want it--even to having the master bedroom situated on the south west corner with windows on both sides so the full moon can shine in. BUT--alas--Joanie is getting a new house, Judy is not.

Have fun with it Girl!