Sunday, August 15, 2010


We took the day off...meaning we slept to 11:30 this morning. It was cold and raining... what a better time enjoy the new water bed and all the new bedding and just pull it around you and sleep. I had the bedroom window open and you could smell the the earthy smells and hear the rain beating down.

I was going to make this and very relaxed post. we were napping another smell anointed our nostrils. I, at first thought a horse had come into our house and planted a very large load of manure. I tried to make it go away by changing positions. But persisted. far as I know we don't own a horse, it must be Gord. I checked his backside....and was clean, and he was still sawing logs. I checked the dog and she was sleeping peacefully at the foot of our bed.

Where was the smell coming from? Well I finally got up and went downstairs and was greeted by a big pile of dog shit. I thank all the family who came over last night for Attitude Adjustment Hour....... and gave her the cheese when I told them not to give it to her. I have saved the shit and will put it in a zip lock bag ....and they will all see it again at Christmas. I will rename it..Joan's Tootsie Roll Delight. I might even add some nuts. It will in their Christmas stocking.

someone will be eating shit this Christmas...and it won't be me.


judemiller1 said...

Our dog decided to pee in the middle of the bathroom CARPETING Saturday night. Maybe it was a night for dogs to be naughty? NO--it was because FRED did not PUT her out for her nightly duty before he went to bed. I should rub HIS nose in it! (I like your Christmas present idea!)

Donna said...

Musta' been a Great Party!!Hahaaa
110 here yesterday....burnt my hand on the car door...;o)

YankeeChick said...

OMG! You are hysterical! What a marvelous plan....LMAO