Sunday, August 08, 2010

We've howdied but we ain't shook yet

(In Memory of my dear friend Curtis) ...One last laugh I wrote for you.

These here are my grandson's the left is Bobby Joe and the other is Cletus. Bobby Joe, his engine is running most times but ain't nobody driving and Cletus, he's the purdy one ...he thinks the sun come up just to hear him crow. He likes his wimen and his drink. I keep both of em around because ...well this ain't my first rodeo and I need help keeping the law from finding my still. Why just yesterday the Sheriff and the Deputee follered me home from Church. My trigger finger was getting mighty itchy by the time we got home and then they just passed on by. "They are as full of wind and a corn eatin horse."

This here is my daughter Orlean. She helps out at the place but most times she sits on her fat behind and yaks and yaks..."she's got tongue enough for ten rows a teeth" that girl. She's got two girls Larlene and Faylene, their daddy high tailed it out of here some years ago. They ate supper before they said grace, so they never had them a formal weddin. He left them high and dry without a penny to their names. We thought he was a good man but "just because a chicken has wings doesn't mean he can fly". Both girls are going to school now but they got put back again this year. They are so cross eyed they have to read standing on their heads.

Well it's time to finish the chores and sweep up the kitchen, then out to the barn and check on the moonshine.



Joan said...

I am going to Curtis's memorial tomorrow so I thought I would write something I know he would have laughed at. My sweet hillbilly. I will miss him.

Sally said...

He would have loved that, Joan. We're going to miss him for sure so much.

Grandma K said...

That was really good. Obviously i never knew Curtis, but anyone will appreciate this!

Brenda said...

From his comments at other things you've written, he'd have hooted and hollared over this one too.

Donna said...

Very funny Miz the photos!