Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dat Red River ...she is getting higher and higher

Here we go again in spring trying to fight the mighty Red River which runs through the city.  But this time it is affecting us big time because we bought property very close to the mighty Red. 

It has all been upgraded to the highest flood levels ever recorded....but still.  I see the access road right close to the river is flooded which is about 1/2 a mile from our new house.  Too close for comfort. 

My BIL has lived on that street for 35 years and he told me to shut up.....heh...yes the river gets high but we are not in any danger because we have the flood way which diverts the water in some kind of system so no flooding will occur.   Yes... some flooding will occur before they close the floodgates...and that is what happened today. And low lying properties will still be flooded.  Hundreds of sandbaggers will be needed.  We are expecting the crest here in about two weeks. 

So just let's see what we done got ourselves into!

I'm sure it will be's just not something we are used to ... living inland like we do now. 

Everything has started melt and the back 40 is looking good....except for the dog poop.  OMG.  Melted dog shit.  Puddles of poop.  The best thing is that she couldn't get off the downstairs patio bricks to poop because the snow was so high and all the shit is pretty much in one area.  She did make a trail or two to the neighbours fence and did some pooping  there too...but it is all confined.  Tomorrow if all the ice is gone I will take my shit shovel and shovel the shit off the patio ... I can't put it in a bag because the shit has already seen the spring rains and has turned into runny old shit. Now it is old runny shit which I will throw on the lawn as fertilizer...and then she will run through the runny old shit and get it on her paws.  But it's funny old frozen shit does not stink.  I smelled it.  Okay because it was on my boots!  I didn't stick my frickin nose in it.

So my theory is:  If your dog goes poo poo, pick it up and freeze it for a later date... and no smellies.  But if you don't really want to have  freezer full of dog shit .... step in it like I do.   I put my boots in the freezer. 

It's always a trade off ...isn't it. 

That made no sense.  I'm high on dog shit.

Happy Sunday :)


Brenda said...

I hope your home stays high and dry.

Paxie said...

Well shit!!

I hope you don't have any flood problems. I live near a creek that the city decided to send all the storm water to. It's not fun to worry, is it?

judemiller1 said...

Geez--I'm pooped after reading all that.

JUST A MOM said...

your funny,, hey I put in yoru email I had but some reason I might have put the wrong one????? message me on facebook and igve me the right one so you can see my life,, After the rain drys I will be doing the poopy clean up too,, but MINE STINKS! well hte DOGS NOT MINE

Captain Poolie said...

Good luck with that river! Dang! Brings back memories from my Minnesota days. The poop puddles too. Thanks for that, Joan.

Donna said...

We're high and dry here...and getting drier. Praying all that water goes where it's suppose to Joan!

Sally said...

Well, I guess with all that dog poop, you don't want me to send Hopper Henry to you. Bummer!!! :)